CARACAS, Thursday March 06, 2014 | Update

Capriles condemns Maduro's call for confrontation among Venezuelans

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles urged his followers "not to fall into the trap laid down by the government"

Henrique Capriles urged Venezuelans not to give in (Handout photo)
Thursday March 06, 2014  04:33 PM
Governor of Miranda state and opposition leader Henrique Capriles on Thursday condemned President Nicolás Maduro calls intended to fuel confrontation among Venezuelans, and rejected violence.

"We reject violence and strongly condemn Nicolás' call for a confrontation of the people versus the people! Enough!", he wrote on his Twitter account.

Capriles referred to the street protests taking place nationwide in Venezuela in the last three weeks. He said burning garbage and blocking streets was "not right," because "a country cannot live like this every day, with repression every day, with students arrested every day."

"You cannot stop a fire with gasoline. Here there is intent to smother social unrest with repression and bombs, with pellets. Problems will not be solved this way," he said.

Capriles urged his followers "not to fall into the trap laid down by the government."

"Let nobody give in or kneel down because I'm sure you all will have the strength to change what is happening today. The worst thing that can happen to a community is resigning (...) People have the power to choose the government. I call upon people to embrace reconciliation," he remarked.