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This is an open letter of remorse to the five year old who witnessed the killing of her mother and her father

Tuesday January 14, 2014  01:00 PM
This is an open letter of remorse to the five year old who witnessed the killing of her mother, Monica Spears, and her father, Thomas Henry Berry, as the family waited on a highway for a tow-truck.

Dear child, it is impossible to express to you why this atrocity happened, why your mother is gone, why your father is gone, and why you lay wounded in a hospital today. But let me try to write some words, inadequate as they may be, to be read by you when you grow up, which may put the obscene horror you witnessed in context.

Those who slaughtered your parents are not like people; they are vicious, rabid animals. They saw marks waiting helplessly on the road, and in their twisted reptilian brainpans, that calculated as an opportunity to steal or kill, as they want to do. So they mercilessly killed Monica and Thomas and almost killed you. You are only five but even now you know that is totally senseless. When you are 25, 55 or 75 it will still be totally senseless. There are a million solutions for those killers' lives that do not require the death of your parents but none of them was available last week.

And here's something even more difficult to understand. In the handful of days since the gruesome killing of your parents, a hundred other killings of people have taken place in Venezuela. At this moment dozens of five year olds are just as dazed as you are, wondering how they are going to live without a mother or father, sister or brother. In fact, people who count these deadly facts say that tens of thousands of murders take place in Venezuela annually producing enough blood and tears to saturate the country.

Somehow Venezuelans have become used to the killing. Random killings happen every day – they are normal, like breakfast. No savage murder is much of a surprise anymore. No atrocitykill is much of a shock nowadays. To the perpetrators, it is like a computer game where the kills get logged as wins for the player. At the tipping point between humanity and bestiality, a deteriorating Venezuela hovers. Many Venezuelans believe in violence as just and good, and they have very powerful weapons. By the grace of God you live. By the mystery of God your parents do not.  We pray for you and we pray even more for Venezuela, which has lost its soul.

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