CARACAS, Thursday December 13, 2012 | Update

Excerpts of column "Runrunes" (Rumors) released on Thursday, December 13

Thursday December 13, 2012  12:06 PM

The presentation on Wednesday on an obligatory simultaneous broadcast of Executive Vice-President Nicolás Maduro, flanked by Congress Speaker Diosdado Cabello and Minister of Petroleum and Mining Rafael Ramírez, dispelled doubts and confirmed the rumors of the serious health condition of the caudillo who has ruled Venezuela for 14 years and was recently reelected for another six-year term in office. Quoting Maduro: "The operation yesterday (Tuesday) was actually a complex, difficult, delicate operation, which means that the post-operative stage will be also a complex and tough process." In no time he would say that it was successful or that the patient was getting well or was recovered. We learned of a relapse in the early hours of Wednesday, when he developed bleeding. It happened likewise in the previous operation. Later, the Minister of Communication and Information, seasoned journalist Ernesto Villegas, posted on the ministry website: "Let us trust that, with the love of millions, the Commander will get well soon and will come to take over by January 10. Otherwise, our people ought to be prepared and comprehend it. Hiding the delicate nature of this current moment and upcoming days would be insensible. Our duty is to inform in a composed, calm manner." Much clearer than any other spokesperson. Many thanks.

Translated by Conchita Delgado

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That political protest in Venezuela has lost momentum seems pretty obvious: people are no longer building barricades to block off streets near Plaza Francia in Altamira (eastern Caracas), an anti-government stronghold; no new images have been shown of brave and dashing protesters with bandanna-covered faces clashing with the National Guard in San Cristóbal, in the western state of Táchira; and those who dreamed of a horde of "Gochos" (Tachirans) descending  in an avalanche to stir up revolt in Caracas have been left with no option but to wake up to reality.

fotter Estampas
fotter Estampas