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Excerpts of column "Runrunes" (Rumors) of May 2

A huge question mark pops up with regard to the country peace

Wednesday May 02, 2012  05:44 AM


Following the order to withdraw Venezuela from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, a huge question mark pops up with regard to the country peace. It is virtually the announcement of a looming transition. That is why he did include (ex-Venezuelan Vice-President) José Vicente Rangel into the Government Council? All that has been revealed here about the meetings of military officers in Cuba and their plans to create a "state of commotion, arguing that they are the only ones that can give assurances for peace in the face of 12 million arms in the streets and prevent the empire and the oligarchy from governing no more" already provides the baseline upon the approval of the leader. He, like Roma's Nero, pokes the fire in the country he says goodbye to, sooner than later...

STAGING. After quite a few days missing -only sending tweets and making telephone calls- the ill caudillo eventually showed up on Monday, April 30, for some minutes in a very different stage design, compared with the customary setting at Miraflores presidential palace. The ancient Hall of Mirrors was fixed up to give him access on a wheelchair and just take few steps. In this way, the audience would not realize his physical deterioration. A portrait of (ex-President) Joaquín Crespo was replaced with a portrait of (Liberator Simón) Bolívar that hanged on the Sol del Perú Hall. A high rostrum would hide his thick body; he could not sit down because the action is burdensome and he needs help. A desk beside allowed him to lean just a little bit when Vice-President Elías Jaua handed over the memo of the Labor Organic Law. Very strong aches and pains when moving restricted him to bed since the day he arrived from Cuba. His voice broke twice during his longed-for speech. At the end, sobbing was swift. The formality of the members of public powers, unusually wearing a tie, was intended to witness the swear-in ceremony of the Federal Government Council, the new Vice-President, some ministers and two super-intendants. May be next time or from Cuba. A very difficult moment for the whole Republic...

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fotter Estampas