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Innovation is among the milestones of the media outlet

El Universal turns 107 years of continuous information

Everyday stories began to be told on April 1, 1909 in El Universal. Since then, the information flow has not ceased in the multiple platforms of this multimedia outlet

El Universal celebrates 107 years informing people of Venezuela and all over the world, with commitment and professionalism (File photo)

El Universal


01 de abril de 2016 15:05 PM

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El Universal turns 107 years of continuous information

For over a century, El Universal has honored a commitment that arose in its first print edition on April 1, 1909. Back then, news arrived by telegraph and a constitutional reform was the conversation subject among Venezuelans.

Since then, everyday story began to be told here in keeping with the right to information of our contents followers in Venezuela and overseas.

Throughout these 107 years, readers have learned from the pages of El Universal about the events that have made history: the death of Venezuelan presidents, the arrival of man in the moon, world wars, the fall of the Berlin Wall, coups d’état and multiple climate and terrorist tragedies that have increased in the last century.

Not only in the newsprint

El Universal was among the first media outlets to enter internet. With the help of experts of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the daily newspaper posted its first headlines on the web in the mid 1990’s. Since then, information on the web has not stopped.

With multiple editorial projects and betting on new trends —such as the latest redesign of—, the media outlet continues offering high-quality contents, with an emphasis on balance and wholeness of facts, corroborating the information to offer veracity to those who trust our publications day by day.

Some days ago, El Universal produced its renewed digital platform in order to capture new audiences and stretch its contents to the largest amount possible of devices. All that with a minimalist model, which gives priority to iconography and provides a friendly interface.

El Universal would like to express its gratitude to thousand users who day after day make valuable inputs to the constituent platforms of this multimedia outlet. In addition, its board, journalists, employees and managers reaffirm their commitment to readers and announcers to provide contents with social responsibility and professionalism.

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