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The editorial criteria of El Universal daily newspaper stand out in its new

The new webpage is responsive and adapts to any device including tablets, smartphones or computers

Carlos Serra is the daily’s innovation manager (Oswer Díaz Mireles)

Oswer Díaz Mireles

08 de abril de 2016 23:59 PM

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The editorial criteria of El Universal daily newspaper stand out in its new

El Universal daily newspaper is committed to a fresh way of reading news in its newly launched website, spearheaded by innovation and interaction.

Carlos Serra, advisor to the chairman office and responsible for the digital and technological innovation project of the daily, remarked this is the first step towards the digital transformation of El Universal.

Serra explained that audiences have changed, for they are younger now, use social media and consume information in a different manner. This new site targets such audiences, while preserving old followers.

“We must deliver the news to our readers just the way they want it. In the company’s view, our essence remains unchanged. There is a number of journalists with editorial criteria; they are reliable and objective, which is what audiences are seeking.” 

He stressed that in this new phase, the star is the journalistic criterion of El Universal, a fact mirrored in the renewed webpage.

“The main difference with the old site is that its home page included two or three news while the rest was a chronological series of reports. People who used to access the site before midday could only find sports or international news. Now, what is important for each section will appear highlighted, which is what people are looking for.”

The consultant stressed that the site also targets the social behaviour of the daily’s readers. Now, by only entering a name and e-mail, people will be able to comment and share the news with one click in a more rapid and simple way.

“We have always wanted to keep on adding new followers. Somehow, we are trying to be attractive to new audiences. I want new generations to feel comfortable with the news we are showing.”

The new webpage is responsive and adapts to any device including tablets, smartphones or computers, which does not mean we will not develop the respective apps. “We will do more than delivering the news,” Serra said.

Additionally, Serra explained that various colours were introduced in the new design for people to identify every section with one colour. In this way, users will know what the news is about.

“The journalistic world is going through changes, and that is our challenge. We must adequate the way we distribute news and how they are delivered to our readers. That is the reason why we started. This is our first step towards digital transformation,” he stated.  

Espacio publicitario

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