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Int'l community rebukes incursion into Venezuelan Congress

Multiple representatives of international organizations and foreign governments condemned the events occurred on Venezuela’s Independence Day, when opposition deputies, employees and reporters in the Venezuelan National Assembly were assailed by pro-government militias


06 de julio de 2017 06:41 AM

Actualizado el 10 de julio de 2017 07:52 AM


The siege occurred at the end of a commemoration of the 206th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Through multiple messages or press releases posted on social networks, innumerable foreign governments and international organizations repudiated the blitzkrieg on the Venezuelan legislature and the people that were inside the National Assembly (AN), attending a solemn session on Wednesday, July 5.

The Head of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, promised that Spain “takes sides with peace, freedom and rights of the Venezuelan people.”

Likewise, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos renewed his appeal to the Venezuelan government and opposition to resolve the country plight.

In a statement, the Colombian Foreign Office also called upon Nicolás Maduro’s government to ensure “security of the members of the public branches of government and respect their autonomy, as set forth in the Constitution of that country.”

The Panamanian Foreign Office echoed the appeal through a notice. “In view of the serious economic, social and humanitarian situation in Venezuela, Panama points to the urgency of establishing an electoral schedule to end with the current ordeal, which continues fueling violence between citizens and government.”

Similarly, the Mexican Foreign Office rebutted the barrage against Venezuelan opposition deputies.

“We, the founding member states of Mercosur express our most categorical rejection to the events of violence at the National Assembly,” stated in a notice the Argentinean Foreign Office, currently pro-tempore president of the Common Market of the South.

For his part, the president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, regretted the “assailing on the National Assembly of Venezuela, a symbol of democracy.”

“To really accomplish peace, there is the need to act democratically and without violence,” twitted British Ambassador to Venezuela, John Saville.
Similarly, the US Department of State stood up against the skirmish at the Venezuelan Parliament. “This violence, perpetrated during the celebration of Venezuela's independence, is an assault on the democratic principles cherished by the men and women who struggled for Venezuela's independence 206 years ago today.”

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