CARACAS, Wednesday July 01, 2015 | Update

Afiuni breaks the silence; speaks up during trial

In view of the presentation made by Venezuela's Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz at the UN Human Rights Committee, Judge María Lourdes Afiuni appeared in court to ask for permission to travel to Geneva and file a complaint against Ortega Díaz

María Lourdes Afiuni faces trial for releasing businessman Eligió Cedeño (File photo)
Wednesday July 01, 2015  11:42 AM
Judge María Lourdes Afiuni broke her silence. During a hearing on Tuesday, the accused gave Judge Manuel Bognanno the details of torture, mistreatment and sexual abuse undergone in 2010, when she was imprisoned at the women's jail (INOF).

Attorney Thelma Fernández, Afiuni's counsel for the defense together with José Amalio Graterol, said that Afiuni resolved to enter the hearing following the remarks made on Monday by Venezuela's Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz in Geneva. There, Ortega Díaz denied the existence of any complaint for sexual abuse and torture involving the judge.

According to Fernández, Afiuni explained to the court "how the INOF guards and officials of the Ministry of Justice sexually abused her and destroyed her vagina, anus and bladder."

"The evidence of ill treatment, torture and sexual abuse against Afiuni is contained in the case file and at the United Nations; for this reason, experts, rapporteurs and commissioners of international organizations have issued so many statements in relation to the case. It is not that they are biased, as hinted and said by Luisa Ortega Díaz. It is just that all the evidence confirms all that happened to the judge," Fernández noted.