CARACAS, Monday November 17, 2014 | Update
OPPOSITION | Abuses reported against the dissenter

Socialist International rejects detention of dissenter Leopoldo López

"In a dictatorship, there are no rights whatsoever, and one is left at the mercy of power. Yesterday (Saturday), we confirmed human rights violations against a political leader," warned Chilean José Antonio Viera-Gallo, the secretary of the mission of Socialist International

Chilean lawyer José Antonio Viera-Gallo noted that the judge should not ignore a UN ruling (Handout photo)
Monday November 17, 2014  04:36 PM
Chilean lawyer and secretary of a mission of Socialist International (SI), José Antonio Viera-Gallo, remarked in a press release that the lawsuit against Venezuelan opposition leader and founder of Voluntad Popular party Leopoldo López lacks grounds; hence, his detention is arbitrary, as the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention stated last October 8 in a ruling asking the Venezuelan government to release López immediately.

The former minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of Chile described what happen on Saturday, when the authorities of Ramo Verde prison, were López is detained, denied him access to the jail, arguing that López was subject to a disciplinary measure, so visits were banned for him. "(...) When he (López) and other prisoners started to shout to communicate with their families through the windows of prison cells, they sounded the siren loud and a loud noise to prevent them from communicating; it was a very unpleasant and shocking situation," Viera-Gallo explained.

He stated that such situation was only seen in dictatorship. "Such situations happen, and sometimes they are a lot worse. However, this should not happen in regular institutional periods," he warned.

After his visit to the Ramo Verde military prison, Viera-Gallo asserted that human rights of political prisoners in Venezuela are blatantly violated. "In a dictatorship, there are no rights whatsoever, and one is left at the mercy of power. Yesterday (Saturday), we confirmed human right violations against a political leader," he warned.

As for the decision of judge Susana Barreiros on November 13 dismissing a UN ruling on the grounds that it was not binging, Viera-Gallo said that "the recommendation of the UN Group has huge moral and political implications. The judge should have assessed the situation in light of the arguments pointed out by the United Nations."

Translated by Andreína Trujillo