CARACAS, Wednesday September 17, 2014 | Update

Health minister: 398 confirmed cases of chikungunya fever in Venezuela

Venezuelan Health Minister Nancy Pérez also confirmed 45,745 cases of dengue fever

The Venezuelan Health Ministry issued a report on the cases of chinkungunya fever (TV screen capture)
Wednesday September 17, 2014  02:52 PM
On Wednesday, Nancy Pérez, the Venezuelan Health Minister, confirmed that 398 cases of chikungunya fever and 45,745 cases of dengue fever have been registered so far nationwide.

She also referred to the nine deaths occurred last week as a result of hemorrhagic fever at Maracay's Central Hospital, north central Aragua state. Pérez reported that a diagnosis of chikungunya virus had only been confirmed in two fatal victims.  The minister also ruled out that those cases were related.

As for the case of the patient who died on Sunday in Caracas at Luis Razetti hospital, Pérez said that the investigation was still in progress and that the infectious agent had not been singled out yet.

The minister also commented on the issue of shortages of acetaminophen, the only effective drug to treat the symptoms of dengue and chikungunya infections. She informed that the government is currently importing and distributing the drug to solve the problem.