CARACAS, Monday September 15, 2014 | Update

Official figures: Dengue fever exceeds 2,000 cases a week in Venezuela

Additionally, 55,970 cases of malaria have been reported so far this year in Venezuela

The use of mosquito nets is a preventive measure (File photo)
Monday September 15, 2014  12:14 PM
Dengue fever cases continue to rise in Venezuela. The epidemiological report issued by the Venezuelan Ministry of Health shows that only between August 24 and August 30, a total of 2,261 probable cases of dengue fever were detected.

The figure shows that the number of cases has soared versus the last few weeks: 2,006 cases were diagnosed between August 10 and August 16, and 2,020 between August 17 and August 23.

The accumulated number of dengue fever cases up to date stands at 43,212, a substantial 31.64% increase, compared to the total of 32,824 cases reported last year. In January-August last year, dengue fever reports did not exceed 1,200 cases.

Malaria epidemic

According to the same epidemiological report, 1,668 new cases of malaria were detected from August 24 to August 30.

The accrued number of cases so far this year is 55,970, jumping by 2.35% with respect to the 54,680 reports recorded last year.

Moreover, communities heavily hit by the disease have reported that sanitary authorities have not fumigated the areas and have not showed up to address the situation.

Concurrently, 243 people have been hit by chikungunya fever nationwide (a disease transmitted by the same vector transmitting dengue fever), according to an official report disclosed on September 1.

Translated by Andreína Trujillo