CARACAS, Wednesday September 03, 2014 | Update

Venezuelan President Maduro announces cabinet reshuffle

The new president of state-run oil company Pdvsa will be Eulogio del Pino. Rafael Ramírez was appointed as Vice-president of Political Sovereignty and Foreign Minister. Asdrúbal Chávez will be the new Minister of Petroleum and Mining

Maduro made the announcements in a mandatory radio and television broadcast (AVN)
Wednesday September 03, 2014  10:18 AM
The Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced changes in his cabinet on Tuesday. He asserted these changes were "necessary" to achieve the "five revolutions" proposed for this new stage in the so called Bolivarian revolution.

Maduro explained such "five revolutions" would be made in the economic, knowledge, welfare, State's policies, and "territorial socialism" areas. For those purposes, the president noted, appointing new ministers, merging ministries, and creating six new vice-presidencies was required.

Rafael Ramírez was removed as Economy Vice-president, and, after a decade, as Minister of Petroleum and Mining, and President of state-run oil holding Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa). Instead, Ramírez was appointed as Foreign Minister and Vice-president of Political Sovereignty, Efe highlighted.

Elías Jaua, who was the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, is the new Vice-President for Development of Territorial Socialism. He will also be the new Minister of Communes and Social Movements.

Minister of Economy and Finance Marcos Torres will continue holding this incumbency and now will be also in charge of the Vice-presidency of Economy and Finance. For his part, Asdrúbal Chávez, cousin of late president Hugo Chávez (1999-2013) was appointed as Minister of Petroleum and Mining.

The new President of state-run oil company Pdvsa will be Eulogio del Pino, former Vice-president of Prospecting and Production at the oil giant.

Following criticism of his administration, President Maduro announced on June 27 that he would carry out a "global reorganization" of the government system "to interconnect it with the ultimate efficiency and honesty," and talked about the need for a "shake-up" in his government.