CARACAS, Friday July 04, 2014 | Update

Transfer of shares of El Universal is fait accompli

The new CEO affirmed that the buyers have "no link whatsoever with the national government." He also promised that the editorial line will remain unchanged

El Universal daily newspaper was founded 105 years ago (Rodolfo Acosta)
Friday July 04, 2014  01:10 PM
On Friday morning, the new CEO of daily newspaper El Universal, Jesús Abreu Anselmi, a civil engineer, convened a meeting to advise the members of the editorial team, magazine Estampas and fiduciary staff that the transfer of shares of the company has been materialized.

Abreu Anselmi said that the buying consortium has "no link whatsoever with the national government." He also vouched that the editorial line of the media outlet will not change.

The new CEO said that so far, the talks with the outgoing board of directors have focused on the business projects that had not been completed all these years. Likewise, he emphasized that the whole personnel will continue working as usual.

Abreu availed himself of the opportunity to ensure the newspaper staff that there will be enough newsprint for the operations. Further details on the transfer of shares will be disclosed in an article on Saturday in the printed edition.