CARACAS, Monday May 12, 2014 | Update

As many as 10,706 Venezuelans have sought asylum in the US

At least 2,043 nationals of Venezuela have been benefited

Motorcard in request of sanctions on Venezuelan government authorities (Handout photo)
Monday May 12, 2014  02:12 PM
Growing migration of Venezuelans to the United States (215,023 legal residents) has influenced applications for asylum on grounds of political persecution. From 1998 through 2013, a total of 10,706 Venezuelans have sought asylum in the United States.

Over the past 15 years, 2,043 petitions have been granted, versus 3,686 denied. Other 4,977 applications were withdrawn, abandoned or took another course, based on the numbers supplied by the US Department of Justice.

In the past five years (2009-2013) such applications have escalated. Asylum in the United States has been sought by 1,724 Venezuelans; 640 of which were granted, 780 denied and 1,420 took another course.

The wave has been extensive indeed, to such an extent that Venezuelans have become the second community after Chinese in that form of measure, according to the 2012 report of the Citizens and Immigration Services of the US Department of Homeland Security.

Since 2010, on April 13 the Day of the Venezuelan Exile is commemorated in Doral and Miami Dade, as well as every July 7 in Hialeah, the areas with the largest Venezuelan communities.

NGO Venezuelans on exile persecuted for political purposes (Veppex) provides guidance and advice for Venezuelans opting for such protection, informed José Colina, the president of the organization.