CARACAS, Monday February 17, 2014 | Update

"Venezuela gave birth to the leaders who will take her out from the crisis"

Students changed their route and headed for the National Telecommunications Commission

Students rallied at Brión square, eastern Caracas (Vía @lega0805)
Monday February 17, 2014  02:30 PM
On Monday, at the beginning, Venezuelan university students meant to walk from Chacaíto to downtown Caracas. Eventually they changed their mind and headed for the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), eastern Caracas.

Reynaldo Díaz, a city councilor for El Hatillo municipality, joined the youngsters and noted that they were intent on requesting William Castillo, Conatel Director General, to take action so as to prevent continued violation of freedom of expression and the Constitution.

In addition, they would ask Conatel to ascertain why Colombian news TV channel NTN 24 was removed from the grid of Venezuelan cable operators.

Juan Requesens, the president of the University Student Council, informed that they would join opposition leader Leopoldo López in a march convened by the dissenter and slated for Tuesday. The event, he stressed, "was not called by us."

As regards a communiqué forwarded by the US Government to Venezuela, Requesens said that he highly appreciated foreign countries for their concern about Venezuela. Notwithstanding, "this country gave birth to its leaders and they are to take her out from her plight."

Meanwhile, Conatel was fenced by pickets of the police and the National Guard.