CARACAS, Friday February 14, 2014 | Update
STUDENT DEMONSTRATIONS | Congress Speaker says he wants to "flee"

Venezuelan dissenter Leopoldo López: Maduro waits for orders from Havana

On Thursday night, Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro rejected violent events and, without naming opposition leader Leopoldo López or ex Venezuelan ambassador to Colombia Fernando Gerbasi, said they were "fugitives from justice"

López reiterated government authorities sponsored the attacks on the Attorney General Office (Efe)
Friday February 14, 2014  09:43 AM
Leopoldo López, the leader of opposition Voluntad Popular (People's Will, VP) party, challenged Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on his twitter account ‏@leopoldolopez. Earlier, during an obligatory simultaneous broadcast, the Head of State stated that sooner or later López would be captured for being the mastermind of the violent events last February 12.

Addressing straight to the account @Nicolasmaduro, López said, "Haven't you got guts to send me to jail? Or are you waiting orders from Havana? Let me tell you: Truth is on our side."

On Thursday night, President Nicolás Maduro rejected the attacks on the Attorney General Office.  "Masterminds are fugitives from justice. (...) You are liable for the bloodshed," he said, without naming López or ex Venezuelan ambassador to Colombia Fernando Gerbasi.

Presumably on his way to Colombia

Earlier, on Thursday afternoon, the National Assembly Speaker, Diosdado Cabello, affirmed that López, was leaving Venezuela onboard a flight of Colombian airliner Avianca heading for Bogotá. "You are wrong, coward. You are not escaping," Cabello twitted.