CARACAS, Wednesday February 12, 2014 | Update
STUDENT DEMONSTRATIONS | They died in hospitals in Caracas

Two students and one pro-gov't leader killed downtown Caracas

Another person was shot in the leg

Students carry a wounded man near the headquarters of the Attorney General Office, downtown Caracas (AFP)
Wednesday February 12, 2014  06:56 PM
University students Bassil Alejandro Dacosta (24) and Neyder Arellano Sierra died on Wednesday at the José María Vargas Hospital, north Caracas, following a rally at the headquarters of the Attorney General Office downtown Caracas. Both were shot in the head.

Da Costa, a student at the Humboldt University, got to the hospital "brain dead,"according to a doctor.

Arellano was a law student at the Central University of Venezuela.

Diego Hernández (31) was also admitted to the José María Vargas Hospital, with gunshot wounds to the leg. He was transferred to a private healthcare center due to the lack of medical supplies.

A taskforce headed by deputy director of the Scientific, Criminal and Forensic Investigation Agency (Cicpc) Douglas Rico showed up at the hospital to start the relevant investigations.

Leader of pro-government group killed

A police officer of Caracas Police (Policaracas) was shot to death in La Candelaria, downtown Caracas, during a clash between members of armed groups and students rallying at the headquarters of the Attorney General Office, in Parque Carabobo, downtown Caracas.

According to police sources, the victim was Juan Montoya (40). He was a member of the José Leonardo Pirela pro-government group based in low-income sector of 23 de Enero, west Caracas. He headed efforts for disarmament of armed groups in said sector.

Reportedly, the police officer was with some other members of the group, and he was shot twice.

Montoya was admitted to La Arboleda private hospital, in San Bernardino, north Caracas, where he died.