CARACAS, Friday November 29, 2013 | Update

Middle class' abstention is a "political suicide"

Professor Ángel Álvarez states participation is the only alternative

The university professor says the opposition’s leadership has not been convincing (File photo: Oswer Díaz M.)
Friday November 29, 2013  10:39 AM
A survey set off the alarm. Designed by the Political Studies Center, Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB), and conducted by firm Delfos, a survey indicates that apathy reigns in the hearts of Venezuelan opposition voters.

According to the survey, the middle class and young people, aged 18-24, are not very much interested in casting their votes next December 8. In this regard, university Professor Ángel Álvarez claimed "such politically irrational behavior of the middle class seems to be a political suicide."

Álvarez explains it is, firstly, the result of both the crisis of political parties and what "hardly has been done to build a political organization" in the heart of the opposition.

Secondly, Álvárez also attributes this to the blockade on mass media. "The little political direction opposition voters relied on was in the hands of mass media. After what happened to RCTV (private TV channel taken off the air), the opposition lost its presence. Consequently, opposition voters lost their horizon.

Thirdly, Álvarez questions the way opposition forces dealt with the outcome of the presidential election held on April 14. "To Venezuelans, there was fraud."

Finally, he stresses that a small sector has been discouraging voters through social networks to participate in the election.

The university professor highlights that opposition voters' massive participation will help deter the establishment of the communal State and will reduce legitimacy to the economic policies President Nicolás Maduro has been enforcing. "If voters refrain from voting, the Government will win."

Translated by Jhean Cabrera