CARACAS, Tuesday October 29, 2013 | Update

Two Russian supersonic bombers land in Venezuela

The two Tu-160 aircraft, the largest warplanes in the world, have landed in Venezuela, after flying more than 10,000 kilometers in less than 13 hours, a spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Defense informed

The Venezuelan minister of defense inspected the aircrafts at Maiquetía airport (@vencancilleria)
Tuesday October 29, 2013  10:56 AM
Two Russian Tu-160 supersonic bombers, the largest war planes in the world, landed in Venezuela on Monday, after flying more than 10,000 kilometers in less than 13 hours, a spokesperson from the Russian Ministry of Defense informed.

According to the source, the two aircraft flew over the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and part of the east Pacific, complying with international regulations on the use of the airspace.

Back in 2008, two other Tu-160 bombers were also sent to Venezuela, the main importer of Russian arms in Latin America.

Then, late president Hugo Chávez stated that the visit of the two Russian strategic bombers was "a gesture of fraternity and support, which should give us greater security."

Considered the largest four-engine bomber in the world, the Tu-160 is crewed by four people and can fly up to 14,600 kilometers, at 18,000 meters high and at 2,230 kilometers per hour without refueling.

Five years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would resume patrol flights of strategic bombers in areas patrolled by the US and the NATO, which were suspended in 1992 after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Translated by Andreína Trujillo