CARACAS, Monday May 13, 2013 | Update

Maduro thinks that Obama makes "a serious mistake"

To his mind, the US Government was let down concerning his overthrow

Monday May 13, 2013  10:15 AM
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro feels that his US counterpart Barack Obama has made "a serious mistake" for his failure to acknowledge the results of the Venezuelan presidential election.

"I think that they are making a serious mistake, another one in their Latin American policy. I think that they (Maduro's dissenters) convinced Obama of their adventure intended to disregard the election and promised him that I would be toppled (...) They let Obama down in an adventure and a defeat, and right now he is trapped for good," Maduro told multi-state network Telesur, DPA cited.

The Venezuelan president added that the Venezuelan opposition managed a violent agenda involving "two or three generals who were detained" and street riots.
The rock of discord

A shipment of over 30,000 tons of phosphate arrived at Puerto Cabello port in late July on board the Shi Long Ling, a Chinese-flagged vessel that began its long journey in northern Africa. The cargo boat docked on July 26 after traveling more than 3,200 nautical miles. Undoubtedly, this would just be considered one in many cargo ships crisscrossing the oceans if it were not for the fact that Venezuela has denounced Western Sahara occupation by Morocco and yet purchases the territory's natural resource products from the occupying power.