CARACAS, Wednesday May 01, 2013 | Update

Capriles: This is not the time for fatigue or resignation

Henrique Capriles said it is clear that the government is behind those sparking violence in Venezuela

Capriles: We need to love Venezuela dearly (Handout photo)
Wednesday May 01, 2013  01:43 PM
Miranda Governor and former presidential candidate of opposition Unified Democratic Panel Henrique Capriles on Wednesday said it is no accident that the violence in the National Assembly occurred after the visit President Nicolás Maduro paid to Cuba. According to Capriles, Maduro was in Havana "to take orders."

From Francisco de Miranda Avenue, northeast Caracas, during a rally to commemorate the Labor Day, Capriles said, "This is not the time for fatigue or resignation," but "for speaking out in a peaceful manner."

"Rest assured that we will lead the path peacefully. We should be patient and tolerant," he said. Capriles added that the political crisis facing the country was caused by the Government.

"Yesterday (Tuesday) we saw how violent events took place at the National Assembly and at the same time a small group of people who trumpet socialism enjoyed a private show of an international circus in Caracas," Capriles questioned.

He also stated that "this coward (Nicolás Maduro) sent the other coward (Diosdado Cabello, the Congress Speaker) to foster a climate of violence at the National Assembly, to hide the government's weakness and the serious problems facing Venezuelans."

In this regard, he noted that it is clear that the government is behind those sparking violence in Venezuela. Further, he said "We need to love Venezuela dearly."
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