CARACAS, Wednesday April 24, 2013 | Update
EXECUTIVE OFFICE | President Nicolás Maduro informed

Venezuela appoints Calixto Ortega as chargé d'affaires to the US

According to Maduro, the Venezuelan Government hopes for better relations with the United States based on respect and equal treatment

Newly appointed chargé d'affaires Calixto Ortega is expected to foster Caracas-Washington dialogue (File photo)
Wednesday April 24, 2013  12:00 PM
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced on Tuesday the appointment of Calixto Ortega as chargé d'affaires to the US.

Maduro stated that Ortega is to foster Washington-Caracas dialogue. He added that the Venezuelan Government expected to interface with university representatives, senators, government authorities, and economic actors having ties with Venezuela.

"Calixto Ortega is fully knowledgeable of the US society and we know he would make a great contribution to foster dialogue," Maduro remarked. 

Moreover, the Venezuelan president said that the Government hoped for better relations with the US based on respect and equal treatment. Maduro seized the opportunity to welcome a statement made by a US official saying that sanctions on Venezuela had not been considered.

Translated by Jhean Cabrera
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