CARACAS, Monday April 22, 2013 | Update

More than 100 cases of political harassment reported in Venezuela

The Venezuelan Workers' Confederation (CTV) called for support from the International Labor Organization amid abuses in government bodies

Housing Minister Ricardo Molina threatened to fire any workers criticizing the revolution (File photo)
Monday April 22, 2013  01:05 PM
The Venezuelan Workers' Confederation (CTV) condemned political persecution against workers in different government bodies following the presidential election held in Venezuela on April 14. CTV executive secretary Manuel Cova has reported over 100 cases of political harassment in different governor's offices, and said that some people have even been dismissed.

"We request (President Nicolás) Maduro to honor his condition as worker leader and stop this practice, which discriminates workers and violates both the constitutional rights and the Convention 111 of the ILO (International Labor Organization)," he stressed.

In a recent statement, Housing Minister Ricardo Molina warned the staff that he would not tolerate anybody saying bad things about the revolution, Maduro, or late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. Molina even threatened to fire workers himself despite labor laws. "I do not care about labor laws," he said.

The CTV underscored it is compiling all reports to request the support from the ILO. "We are facing a massive violation of workers' rights for political reasons just because it is believed that workers from the public sector did not vote the government's candidate," Cova stated.
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