ELECTION 2013 | "I do not recognize the results"

Capriles rejects results as long as all votes are not counted

Opposition coalition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles on Monday firmly stated that he makes no pact with "a person I deem illegitimate" and called on the National Electoral Council (CNE) to audit all the ballot boxes "so that every vote is counted again"

"I do not make deals with lies and corruption. My pact is with God and with Venezuelans" (TV screen capture) (TV screen capture)
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Monday April 15, 2013  01:09 AM
"I do not make deals with lies and corruption. My pact is with God and with Venezuelans," said Venezuelan opposition Unified Democratic Panel presidential candidate Henrique Capriles referring to his conversation with President Nicolás Maduro, after the National Electoral Council (CNE) announced the results of the presidential election held on April 14.

"I just heard a speech about an alleged pact. I do not make deals with illegitimacy, with those I deem ilegitimate. We recorded 3,200 irregularities (in April 14 vote)," he said.

Capriles added that he would not recognize the outcome of the election and asked the electoral power "to open all the ballot boxes and count every vote."

"The loser is you (Maduro) and your government and I say this with all the firmness and commitment," stressed Capriles while demanding respect for the people of Venezuela. "We will not be confused. The voice of the people is sacred and respected."
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