CARACAS, Wednesday February 27, 2013 | Update
Wednesday February 27, 2013
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Student demonstration dispersed by authorities in Venezuela

One more time, the student opposition movement Operation Sovereignty took the streets, a week after a protest at the Cuban Embassy in Caracas. This time, demonstrators caused a traffic jam as they were outside the premises of the Executive Office of the Judiciary, located in Chacao municipality, northeast Caracas. Students spent the night at the place

Demonstrators were surrounded by security forces (Photo: AP)
Demonstrators were surrounded by security forces (Photo: AP) Demonstrators at the Judiciary Office of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice asked authorities to clarify Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's situation (Photo: AP) Higher education students from different institutions across the country joined the demonstration (Photo: AP) Some 47 people planned to chain themselves at the premises (Photo: Carlos Hernández) Students claimed that a constitutional government has been missing in Venezuela for the last 47 days (Photo: AFP) Security forces reportedly used baseball bats, pellets, and tear gas against demonstrators (Photo: AFP) Sources said some students  were injured (Photo: AFP) Some people living near the headquarters of the Executive Office of the Judiciary joined the protest (Photo: AFP) Demonstrators yelled out: "Uh, Ah, ¿Chávez dónde está?" (Where is Chávez?) (Photo: AFP) The nearby metro station was closed for nearly one hour during the demonstration (Photo: AFP)
fotter Estampas
fotter Estampas