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US Senator sees an "opportunity of transition" in Venezuela

"Depending on what will happen in Venezuela, there could be a real opportunity of transition there"

John Kerry was nominated by President Barack Obama as the new Secretary of State (Handout photo)
Thursday January 24, 2013  03:10 PM
Democrat Senator John Kerry, nominated by US President Barack Obama as the new US Secretary of State, cherished on Thursday the chance of transition in Venezuela and put Colombia as an example of the intended relationship with all Latin American nations.

"Depending on what will happen in Venezuela, there could be a real opportunity of transition there," said Kerry in his hearing of confirmation for his position, where he also expressed confidence in renewed US relations with Ecuador and Bolivia, Efe cited.

There is "an opportunity looking at our face" in US-Latin American relations, Kerry reckoned. The Senator also expects the United States to "improve and making a greater effort" in the region during his incumbency as the next Secretary of State.
Living with HIV/AIDS (II)

At first she agreed that I use her real name, that she had no problems with that at all. After all, living with HIV had driven her to help others – as a workshop facilitator giving talks and conducting seminars, or as a volunteer for local AIDS Service Organizations like Acción Solidaria (Solidary Action) and Mujeres Unidas por la Salud (Women United for Health, or Musa), a support group network for HIV-positive women. But when we were well into the interview, the realization that she might lose her private health insurance coverage made her change her mind.

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fotter Estampas