CARACAS, Saturday December 15, 2012 | Update

Correa: Chávez's health problem is serious

"Undoubtedly, the problem is serious; the operation was really serious; we have been told that it was successful"

Saturday December 15, 2012  02:12 PM

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa reported on Saturday that the health problem faced by his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chávez is serious indeed. Chávez underwent on Saturday a fourth surgery against his cancer.

The Ecuadorian Head of State said during his weekly report that he could see Chávez "in good mood," during his visit on Monday in Havana, Cuba. "However, undoubtedly, the problem is serious; the operation was very serious; we have been told that it was successful," AFP quoted.

"Congratulations! Get well soon!" Correa exclaimed.

The Ecuadorian leader sent his "warm regards to President Chávez and all the Venezuelan people," adding that "the whole great homeland is with Venezuela and its president in these tough times."

President Chávez underwent the fourth surgery on Tuesday in Havana. In 2011 he was diagnosed with cancer. Now, according to Venezuelan Vice-President Nicolás Maduro, he is experiencing a "favorable" recovery.
Begging for cocoa

"Cocoa is to Venezuelans what wine is to the French," says Alejandro Prosperi, head of the Venezuelan Chamber of Cocoa, using this simile to express the paramount importance or the cocoa industry for the country. Often times heralded as "the best cocoa in the world," a passion for quality dating back to the sixteenth century has made Venezuelan cocoa growers to enjoy high prestige at international level and their product to be among the most sought-after in the world.

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