CARACAS, Tuesday December 11, 2012 | Update

President Hugo Chávez is recovering after six-hour cancer operation

Executive Vice President Nicolás Maduro said in a mandatory nationwide radio and television address that President Hugo Chávez's cancer operation was completed "properly and successfully," adding that it was "a complex operation," but the president is recovering in his hospital room

Executive Vice-President Nicolás Maduro made the announcement in a mandatory nationwide radio and television address (Photo: TV screen capture)
Tuesday December 11, 2012  10:09 PM
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has left the operation room following a six-hour cancer operation on Tuesday in Havana, Cuba, announced Executive Vice-President Nicolás Maduro.

"The operation has been completed. Commander Chávez is in his room and has started a special treatment," said Maduro in a mandatory nationwide radio and television address. He added that Chávez's recovery would "take several days."

Maduro voiced gratitude for people's solidarity with Chávez, in and out of Venezuela.

"We want to thank people for all their expressions of love," he said. He asked Venezuelans to pray for President Chávez's recovery.
And they found the jail

At least 30 years had passed since his last visit to Caracas. He had little time to become an expert on moving about in such a complicated metropolis. Whether it was hopping on the subway, finding directions, playing waiting games at public agencies, eating whatever he could and sleeping wherever he could, Guerrero senior had been wandering the streets for 60 days, and thanks to "the boys" he found some sort of relief by way of helping hands.

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fotter Estampas
fotter Estampas