CARACAS, Monday November 05, 2012 | Update

Opposition leader urges Venezuelans to vote next December 16

"I call upon Venezuelans who are fully aware that Venezuela can be in a better position. I ask you not to surrender"

Monday November 05, 2012  03:18 PM
During an electoral rally that included visiting citizens at their homes, Leopoldo López, leader of Opposition party Voluntad Popular, supported Richard Mardo, the opposition candidate for governor of Aragua state, and Delson Guárate, the opposition candidate for mayor in Mario Briceño Iragorry municipality.

Lopez seized the opportunity to urge Venezuelans to cast massively their ballots in next December 16 gubernatorial election.

"I call upon Venezuelans who are fully aware that Venezuela can be in a better position. I ask you not to surrender. I urge you not to give in your vote, which belongs to you, even more than your own ID."

López added, "Next December 16 we must vote freely so as to guarantee the construction of a better Venezuela, the one we all deserve. We can solve all the problems affecting Venezuelans and our families in our communities by beginning from the regions (...) that is why we must guarantee that governors' offices are led by men and women like Richard Mardo, who works unsparingly for the wellbeing of Aragua state's citizens."

Translated by Jhean Cabrera
Whose victim am I?

They are marching in step to the same tune. There is a coordinated effort to position the idea. The Twitter hashtag  #YoSoyVictimaDeLaGuarimba (I'm a victim of "guarimbas", or protest barricades) can be read on all pro-government Twitter accounts, including those of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the National Assembly's Press Office, the state-run food distribution network PDVAL, state airline Conviasa, the Venezuelan embassies in foreign countries, radio stations and the huge media network responsive to the Government's interests and messages.

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