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Capriles: "The winner was the Government, Venezuela never won"

The opposition ex-presidential candidate said, "I am back and I did it in no time. That is what really matters"

Capriles: No one gives up just because one game has been lost (Photo: Adolfo Acosta)
Wednesday October 10, 2012  11:28 AM

Answering questions from 22 journalists in a press conference, opposition presidential ex-candidate Henrique Capriles Rakonski said his political destination was not defined yet.

Two months ahead of the Venezuelan governors' election, Capriles said that the chance of becoming the Governor of Miranda state "is in the hands of its citizens (...) If I stay in Miranda, I will be working across Venezuela in my day off.

"I am back and I did it in no time. That is what really matters," said the opposition leader, who seized the opportunity to encourage his supporters to overcome sadness and focus on the next challenge, which is to take place next December 16 (governors' election). Comparing his defeat in the presidential election with a soccer game, Capriles stated that no one gives up just because one game has been lost. 

Referring to Chávez's reelection as president and both the unequal grounds of the election campaign and the voters that the Government was able to bribe, Capriles commented that "the winner was the Government. Venezuela never won."

Translated by Jhean Cabrera
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fotter Estampas