CARACAS, Sunday October 07, 2012 | Update

Chávez calls upon all political actors to remain calm

President Hugo Chávez called on Venezuelans to "prepare to accept the results, whatever they are." He said he was confident that "nothing should happen that will stain the election day"

Pro-government campaign team Comando Carabobo urged voters still waiting to cast their ballots to remain in line (Photo: AVN)
Sunday October 07, 2012  08:38 PM
President Hugo Chávez said during a telephone press conference with the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) held on Sunday night that there are still people voting in various polling centers throughout the country.

The candidate for reelection noted that today was "a memorable day."
Chávez called on all political actors to remain calm. "Let's not despair," he said, adding that the National Electoral Council, in his opinion, has made "a flawless work."

Chávez said he was confident that "nothing should happen that will stain the election day."

"Let's get ready to recognize the results, whatever they are," he added.
The rock of discord

A shipment of over 30,000 tons of phosphate arrived at Puerto Cabello port in late July on board the Shi Long Ling, a Chinese-flagged vessel that began its long journey in northern Africa. The cargo boat docked on July 26 after traveling more than 3,200 nautical miles. Undoubtedly, this would just be considered one in many cargo ships crisscrossing the oceans if it were not for the fact that Venezuela has denounced Western Sahara occupation by Morocco and yet purchases the territory's natural resource products from the occupying power.

fotter Estampas
fotter Estampas