CARACAS, Sunday October 07, 2012 | Update
ELECTION 2012 | Capriles Radonski exercises his right to vote

Capriles: "Once the results are disclosed, I will call Chávez first of all"

"I am excited and very happy. Something good is going on"

Capriles Radonski casts his ballot (Photo: AFP)
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Sunday October 07, 2012  03:21 PM

Upon casting his vote on October 7 presidential election, opposition hopeful Henrique Capriles said that once the outcome of the polls is officially announced the first person he would call is current President Hugo Chávez.

"I'm not going to skip this. The first person I'll when the results are known is the president (Hugo Cáavez). Leaders have to lead by example," Capriles told reporters.

Whatever decision expressed by the Venezuelan people "is sacred word," opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski promised on Sunday.

In casting his ballot on Sunday afternoon, Capriles Radonski stressed that in the presidential election held in Venezuela, "Venezuelans will decide." "We will observe whatever the people say," he ratified.

According to the candidate, what has been accomplished in terms of election so far is the result of "the people's will, Venezuelans' expression, vote." "I give a damn to whatever the government tells. I do mind whatever the people tell and right now the people are expressing themselves."

"I am excited and very happy. Something great is going on," he summed up.

Again, the opposition candidate asked for patience. "Let's show the world that we, Venezuelans, are the best."
The end of a cycle

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