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Venezuela rebuts Guyana's application at the UN

The Foreign Ministry recalled the United Nations that there is a controversy over the Essequibo

Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro forwarded a report to the UN (File photo: Cheo Pacheco)
Wednesday March 14, 2012  10:16 AM

The Venezuelan government expressed its view before the United Nations (UN) about an application submitted by Guyana to extend its continental shelf.

The Foreign Ministry of Venezuela, through a statement, reported on Tuesday that Caracas rejected the fact that the Commission on the Limits of Continental Shelf (CLCS) is considering the Guyanese request.

Venezuela reminded the UN that the territory west of the Essequibo River is the subject of a territorial sovereignty dispute "inherited from colonialism" and subject to the Geneva Agreement of 1966 and, within this context, to the Good Offices of the UN Secretary-General, "to which Venezuela is fully committed."

According to the press release, Venezuela "informed promptly the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana about our move, which complies with international law and the procedures of the Organization of the United Nations."

Guyana's application, submitted on September 6, 2011 to the CLCS, states that "there are no disputes in the region relevant to this submission of data and information relating to the outer limits of the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles."

Guyana's claim that there are no disputes in the region disregards the contents of the Geneva Agreement, under which the then British Guyana recognized the dispute over the Essequibo and agreed to seek a settlement satisfactory to both parties.

The CLCS will meet on March 19.

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