CARACAS, Thursday February 23, 2012 | Update
Chávez's Health

US makes no comments on Venezuelan President's health

A US State Department spokesman termed it "a private matter"

Thursday February 23, 2012  02:22 PM

The US government declined to comment on the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who will undergo a surgery after doctors in Cuba found a new mass on the same spot where he had a cancerous tumor removed last year.

During the US Department of State's daily press briefing, a journalist asked Mark Toner, the US State Department spokesman, if he had any message to Venezuelan President Chávez due to the apparently deterioration of his health.

"It is really a private matter, so I would refrain from any comment," Toner said, as reported by AFP.

"Well, again, I don't have all the details, and I've just seen public comments by him" (Chávez), Toner said.

Chávez announced on Tuesday that a group of doctors in Cuba had found "a new lesion" and that he would undergo a new surgery, eight months before presidential elections to be held in October, in which Chávez expects to have a successful re-election bid.

Officials of Barack Obama's Administration wished Chávez a quick recovery last year, following news that he had a surgery to remove a tumor.

The end of a cycle

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Brazil on March 13 to demand the ouster of embattled President Dilma Rousseff, carrying banners expressing anger at bribery scandals and economic woes. A banner read "We don't want a new Venezuela in Brazil."

fotter Estampas
fotter Estampas