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Chávez: Celac will gradually uproot the old, worn OAS

"Celac is born with a new spirit; is a platform for people s economic, political and social development, which is very different from OAS," said the Venezuelan president

Friday December 02, 2011  07:41 AM

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said Thursday that as the years go by the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States will uproot the old, worn Organization of American Status (OAS).

"As the years pass, Celac will leave behind the old OAS," Chávez told reporters.

He added that, contrary to the OAS, Celac is a weapon for integration.

"OAS has adopted a new setup. However, it is a toothless, old body. It has been eroded by time. OAS is far from the spirit of our peoples and integration in Latin America. Celac is born with a new spirit; it is a platform for people's economic, political and social development, which is very different from OAS," Chávez noted.

What goes out of the La Yaguara industrial park

María Fernanda Astudillo is a store analyst for Alimentos Polar working at the company's facilities in La Yaguara. At only 23 years of age, she has made a career in that company where she has worked for the last six years. Now, besides her responsibilities, which include overseeing shipping/receiving and warehousing of goods, she is taking part in the roundtable discussions among the other companies operating in the La Yaguara industrial park, the Government and the workers exploring possible ways of coping with the order to expropriate the land.

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