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Agricultural exports from the US to Venezuela halted for two months

The Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Department of Agriculture reported zero agricultural exports to Venezuela on January 22-28 this year (File photo)
The US Department of Agriculture revealed that agricultural exports from the US to Venezuela have been halted for two months.
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Polar's CEO: Make state-run companies available to the private sector

Lorenzo Mendoza feels that state-run companies are not profitable due (...)
"It is the other way around, Mr. President. State-run (manufacturing) plants are those which are not producing. Make them available to the private sector."
12:35 PM


Venezuela negotiates gold swap with German bank

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) is negotiating with German investment bank Deutsche Bank swap operations of monetary gold to lift liquidity in the country on time to comply with heavy international commitments, two sources familiar with the operation told Reuters.
11:56 AM


National Assembly to discuss amendment of Central Bank law

Deputy Carlos Prosperi called for the establishment of a technical (...)
On Thursday's parliament meeting, the deputies decided to hold a debate in the following congress meeting about the provisions found in a draft bill to amend the Law of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).