04:01 PM


Deputy Jesús Faría: gov't ponders "forex simplification"

Deputy Faría said that the government was pondering a simplification of the forex system (TV screen capture)
He ruled out dollarization in Venezuela
01:02 PM


Dissenters Daniel Ceballos, Leopoldo López on hunger strike

Patricia de Ceballos, Mayor of San Cristóbal municipality in Táchira (...)
Detained former mayor of San Cristobal was taken to a prison housing common prisoners
11:19 AM


Two small drug planes crash in Cojedes state in less than 72 hours

Non-official versions had pointed out that the Bolivarian Armed Forces knocked down a small plane on Sunday when it violated the Venezuelan air space

10:02 AM


Venezuela asks Exxon Mobil to stop oil prospecting at the Essequibo

Foreign Affairs Minister Delcy Rodríguez has sent several communiqués (...)
Exxon Mobil launched drilling operations last March 6 in Guyana waters
09:46 AM



Deputy Germán Ferrer

Deputy recommends forex unification to reduce distortions

Ferrer explained that different foreign exchange rates distort the (...)
Ferrer believes that a single foreign exchange rate should be established, in order to solve a series of distortions and reach balance