Explaining impunity at the UN

Insecurity of tenure (60% of the country's judges hold provisional or temporary appointments) has a bearing on impunity, as stated in the alternative report which Cofavic and other NGOs submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee (File photo)

DOSSIER.  When we look at the issue of human rights in Venezuela and the relevant reports submitted each year, a clear pattern emerges, namely, the impunity following the violation of rights such as freedom of expression, political rights, and the right to life and personal integrity, which has Venezuela consistently ranking among the lowest scorers in assessment indices.  


Expert: Venezuela will not default in 2015

The possibility of a dollar-based economy has been ruled out (Adolfo Acosta)

FINANCE.  "Venezuela does not look like defaulting in 2015," said José Ignacio Guarino, a professor in the area of finances and securities market.  


Twenty-four international companies hold a stake in Orinoco Oil Belt

Loans amounting to USD 10 billion were agreed to boost production in the Orinoco Oil Belt (Handout photo)

OIL.  Venezuelan Minister of Petroleum and Mining Asdrúbal Chávez recently invited local and international entrepreneurs to invest in the Orinoco Oil Belt, which holds the largest certified reserves of crude oil in the planet. He called upon investors particularly to develop and boost the Special Economic Zone. "(...) we do not hesitate to stress that we need the collaboration of the private sector to improve our cost structures in that vast region, and to be more efficient and competitive," Minister Chávez stated.  


There is a wide middle that does not support the extremes

OPINION.  Some think that if economic and political balances are missing, the country is in sort of cleavage where a half of Venezuela is unable to listen to and communicate with the other half. There no way to find a meeting point. There is no mechanism able to encourage a clever negotiation. There is no confidence between them; therefore, taking a seat and talk is meaningless. Under such circumstances, the only apparent solution is for the other half to voluntarily accept to multiply itself by zero. That is, the "weak ones" should surrender or leave the country without a word of complaint. Or, when the moment of truth arrives, there will be the need to measure the brute force and define who will be "the dominant animal."  


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Venezuela, Guyana at odds

UN offers assistance in Guyana-Venezuela border dispute

ESSEQUIBO United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is offering assistance to resolve an escalating border dispute between Guyana and Venezuela.

Venezuelan VP Arreaza meets on Friday with Caricom leaders

DIPLOMACY Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was expected to travel to Barbados to take part in the Summit of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) on Friday; however, the president decided to send Executive Vice-President Jorge Arreaza on his behalf.

Guyana President: Venezuela is "a monkey on our back"

DIPLOMACY President of Guyana David Granger on Thursday asked the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to condemn "in the strongest terms" the territorial claims of Venezuela, which, he said, have become an "unbearable burden" for his country.

Human Rights

OAS representative in Venezuela receives human rights complaints

HUMAN RIGHTS Leaders and supporters of opposition coalition Unified Democratic Panel (MUD) staged a march on Thursday, convened by Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) party, to the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Caracas in order to submit a document denouncing serious human rights abuses in Venezuela, food shortages, and illegal disqualifications of opposition leaders.

Afiuni breaks the silence; speaks up during trial

HUMAN RIGHTS Judge María Lourdes Afiuni broke her silence. During a hearing on Tuesday, the accused gave Judge Manuel Bognanno the details of torture, mistreatment and sexual abuse undergone in 2010, when she was imprisoned at the women's jail (INOF).

Venezuelan authorities deny human rights violations at the UN

HUMAN RIGHTS The Venezuelan State denied on Monday at the United Nations that human rights violations were committed or tolerated in Venezuela. 

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