Iván Simonovis back home; court resolves home arrest

07:02 AMNacional y Política.  After nine years behind bars, ex-chief police Iván Simonovis was finally granted home arrest. The judgment was issued on Friday evening by the Speaker Judge, Simonovis' wife, Bonny, twitted.


Law on Borders remains to be effectively implemented

The Law on Borders covers a number of issues, including smuggling, the environment, and disputes over territorial boundaries (File photo)

DOSSIER.  In the latest attempt to plug the leaks to smuggling, Venezuela began nightly closures between 10 pm and 6 am of its official border crossings along the Colombian border. For almost a month now, Colombia and Venezuela have been sleeping in separate beds. Meanwhile, lawyer Rocío San Miguel, the president of the independent military watchdog group Citizen Control for Security, Defense and the Armed Force, reminds that the bordering states and municipalities have not been discharged the special financial allocations accruing to them as provided under the Constitution, and that these exist solely on paper.  



Vladimir Villegas, journalist

"I bet on Maduro's success as his failure would cause us lot of harm"

According to Vladimir Villegas, "the major challenge is going from a rentier economic model to a productive one" (Oswer Díaz Mirelles)

INTERVIEW.  Very few Venezuelan public men have had the privilege of taking a seat and seriously speak with both top government officers and opposition leaders. One of them is journalist Vladimir Villegas. Having left the government ranks, he has acted as "militant of the dialogue party."  


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Maduro orders investigation into media reporting virus in Aragua state

EXECUTIVE OFFICE Nicolás Maduro said some media outlets have launched an international campaign.

Maracay's Central Hospital under epidemiologic surveillance

HEALTH The medical staff of the Maracay's Central Hospital (HCM) in north central Aragua state issued a communiqué to inform that the hospital is working normally, with no incidents.

Health minister: 398 confirmed cases of chikungunya fever in Venezuela

HEALTH On Wednesday, Nancy Pérez, the Venezuelan Health Minister, confirmed that 398 cases of chikungunya fever and 45,745 cases of dengue fever have been registered so far nationwide.


Citgo's value estimated at USD 7-9 billion

HYDROCARBONS Pdvsa has planned the sale of its refineries based in the United States, and ponders different offers.

Offer for sale of Citgo boosts Pdvsa's credit default swap

FINANCE The prices of the Credit Default Swaps (CDS), an instrument used as insurance against non-payment, surged amid concerns over state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela's (Pdvsa) likely default.

Chevron weighs the purchase of one of Citgo's refineries

HYDROCARBONS The Venezuelan government has lowered the sale price of Citgo, a US-based subsidiary of Venezuelan oil giant Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), as the South American country is faced with repayment of significant debt obligations in the next few months.

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