The Obama decree

The more than 10 million signatures collected in Venezuela against the Executive Order have no legal effect within or outside the borders of Venezuela, so there is no way to force US President Barack Obama to revoke his decree (AVN)

DOSSIER.  Ever since last March 9, when US President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order declaring Venezuela an "unusual and extraordinary threat" to the United States, the Venezuelan government has screamed denunciations of supposed plans of invasion or military incursion by the United States.  


Antonio Ledezma to undergo surgery in the next 48 hours

LEDEZMA CASE.  Mitzy Capriles, the wife of Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas Antonio Ledezma, said her husband will undergo surgery in the next 48 hours. Mayor Ledezma was taken to a private hospital at 2:00 am on Saturday, due to an inguinal hernia.  


Consensus guides Venezuela at the UN Security Council

A high-level meeting at the UN Security Council (Handout photo)

UNITED NATIONS.  The first 100 days of Venezuela as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council has produced the following balance: out of 21 resolutions passed since January, the Venezuelan mission abstained from backing only one. In this way, the Venezuelan government opted to a cocktail of diplomacy and discretion during the discussions where the subject matters of the Middle East were the most interesting for Venezuela.  


Venezuelan industries operate at 50% of their capacity

Eduardo Garmendia, the President of the Venezuelan Confederation of Industries (Conindustria), hopes the industrial sector to engage in dialogue with the government soon (Vicente Correale)

INDUSTRY.  Approximately 50% of Venezuelan industries recorded reductions in their output levels over the first quarter, and according to preliminary figures shown in a study the Venezuelan Confederation of Industries (Conindustria) is preparing, a significant number of industries operate at 50% of its installed capacity.  


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Venezuela is a large generator of e-waste

ENVIRONMENT Last year, 41 million tons of electronic waste was produced around the world. Venezuela is among the 40 countries which generates the largest amount of e-waste. Based on a new study by the United Nations University, Venezuela is the fourth country in Latin America which produces e-waste –about 7.6 kilos per inhabitant.

Spain-Venezuela Impasse

Spain demands respect from Venezuela to launch dialogue

DIPLOMACY The Spanish government on Friday said it was open to engage in dialogue with Venezuela, despite the recent diplomatic impasse between both countries; however, Madrid made clear that insults would not be tolerated.

Brazilian VP advocates Spain-Venezuela understanding

DIPLOMACY Vice-President of Brazil Michel Temer advocated on Friday understanding between Spain and Venezuela after the latest political disagreements of both countries.

Spain: We do not intend to break relations with Venezuela

DIPLOMACY The Spanish government said that it does not intend to break relations with Venezuela, in the first conciliatory gesture from Spain, following crossed accusations and estrangement between the countries over the last days.


Labor conflicts afflict health care in Venezuela

HEALTH CARE In addition to lack of medical consumables, medicines, security and staff, Venezuelan hospitals also face labor conflicts. The scourge is invisible, yet in full force and effect in some hospitals, such as the University Hospital of Caracas (HUC).



Some expressways in Caracas lack street lighting


Four zones of Caracas Metropolitan area at risk before rainy season


Homeless people in Venezuela

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