Drought: a predictable crisis

The Lagartijo reservoir dried up in May 2014. It is now out of commission (Karla Calderón)

SERVICES.  Water shortages have rippled across the country forcing authorities to declare emergency in seven regions and impose severe rationing to try to keep supply through May, when rainy season is expected to start. However, experts say the crisis could be avoided, as the current situation was entirely "predictable."  



Francisco Rodríguez, Director of Bank of America

Gasoline repricing is proposed to cover production costs

Government procurement should come after fixing the exchange rate (Luis Morillo)

INTERVIEW.  Francisco Rodríguez, an economic analyst, suggests that the gasoline price should be taken up to a level able to cover at least the production cost.  


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National Assembly

Decree on economic emergency is in force despite Congress

JUDICIARY The decree on economic emergency enacted by President Nicolás Maduro early in January is in force pursuant to a ruling rendered by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ), which deemed that the procedure the National Assembly followed to reject the decree was not valid. Consequently, the tribunal found that the resolution, which grants the government the authority to adopt special economic measures for 60 days "remains irrevocably in force."

Congress Speaker: Top court disregards the Constitution

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY "The Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) believes it can afford the luxury of interpreting the Constitution by disregarding the Constitution itself," asserted on Friday Venezuelan Congress Speaker Henry Ramos Allup.

Opposition leaders react against top court decision

OPPOSITION Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) passed a ruling on interpretation, which has led to the re-activation of an economic emergency decree Maduro had filed, yet the National Assembly (AN) did not approve.


A total of 3,414 murders recorded in 2015 in Caracas

CRIME According to figures disclosed by Venezuelan security authorities, murders have spiraled upward in the country.

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