Tuna and sardines are simply not there

Fishing operations by large-scale tuna vessels in international waters involve US dollars. The lack of foreign currency and appropriate conditions are major factors inhibiting continuity of the Venezuelan tuna fleet fishing business, according to the Foundation for Sustained and Responsible Tuna Fisheries (Fundatun) (Jorge Santos / File photo)

DOSSIER.  The can of tuna, formerly a fairly normal pantry staple, has long been missing from stores in Venezuela, especially the domestic brands. When tuna cans, imported or domestic, do occasionally show up on store shelves, prices have increased several fold.  


Venezuela, Colombia agree to relaunch border security mechanisms

The meeting lasted five hours (Efe)

BORDERS.  The defense ministers of Venezuela and Colombia agreed on Friday, after a five-hour meeting, on holding a series of meetings to fight against crime along a common border of 2,119 kilometers.  

Ideological model at stake

Problems on the Venezuela-Colombia border are so big that they cannot be treated flippantly, or in a simplistic manner. They have produced negative changes in Venezuelan values and principles; in individual behavior inside and between families. And they have produced changes in human relations, in communities, the workplace, public transportation, schools and sports grounds. For they have penetrated Venezuelans' souls. Reference is made to mega-problems: paramilitaries; drug trafficking; assassination of politicians; smuggling of food, medicines and goods; scalping; seizure of border lands. Their actors should be given the historic term of "people with no God or law."  


Fifteen people have been killed by grenades in Venezuela in 2015

The deputy director of Polimiranda supplied information on the attack with explosives (Fernando Sánchez)

INSECURITY.  A new attack with grenades against a police agency occurred on Sunday, September 27, at 7:30 p.m. A couple riding a motorcycle hurled an explosive at the headquarters of the Police Coordination Center number 7 of Polimiranda (the local police of central Miranda state). The attack caused damages to vehicles and real estate in the adjacencies.  


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Foreign Trade

Increase of Venezuelan exports estimated at 75% in 2015

TRADE The balance in foreign currency of fiscal revenues resulting from Venezuelan non-traditional exports could end at USD 7 billion this year, a 75% hike compared with 2014.



Defense tactics exercises in Falcón state


Latin America Tourism Fair showcases Venezuela


Fire in nursing home in Chacao, east Caracas

Venezuela, Guyana at odds

Maduro highlights progress in talks with Colombia and Guyana

DIPLOMACY During his address before the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro asked the international community to "be on the alert for any attempts at igniting violence against the political life" of Venezuela, in the upcoming parliament vote next December 6.

Guyana denounces aggressions from Venezuela; demands a final settlement

BORDER DISPUTE Guyanese President David Granger denounced on Tuesday at the United Nations (UN) "aggressions" from Venezuela, and urged the UN to mediate to achieve a final settlement of the territorial dispute between the countries.

Guyana ponders procurement of new combat aircraft for Air Corps

GUYANA Guyana is pondering the possibility of acquiring new combat military aircraft for its Air Corps as part of a five-year strategic plan which would be presented for consideration by the Guyanese government, said the Chief of Guyana Defense Forces Mark Phillips.

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