Now it is the turn of the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research

The new project limits research freedom and disregards IVIC’s significant contribution to the country, researchers say

DOSSIER.  The revolution knocked on the door of the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC). The community of this 55 year-old research institution only learned from the press that the National Assembly had a drastic change prepared for it. This was later ratified by Venezuelan Vice-President Jorge Arreaza, "We're not going to eliminate the IVIC, what we are going to eliminate is elitist science, dedicated to capitalism, the type of science that's not useful for the people," he said.  


"P" for petroleum and politics

OPINION.  Since the finding of the first oil well in Venezuela, our history has been written with "P" for petroleum. Allow me to explain myself with one of the last crises leading to a deep fall of oil prices, with serious effects on Venezuela's politics.  


Washington has designated 33 Venezuelans since 2006

President Barack Obama endorsed new sanctions on December 18 (EFE)

US SANCTIONS. The US government has meted out sanctions to 33 Venezuelan current and former government officers in the past six years, most of them linked with drug trafficking and human rights abuses.  



Francisco Rodríguez, Bank of America

"A balanced exchange rate would be of VEB 35 per US dollar"

Francisco Rodríguez puts the actual value of one US dollar at VEB 30 instead of VEB 6.30 (Handout photo)

FOREIGN CURRENCY.  In a permanent state of commensurate balance in his stance and constructing a speech from a central piece (change of macroeconomic policies), Francisco Rodríguez poses the need to "vindicate" an "overvalued" exchange rate. The Chief Andean Economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch recommends the Venezuelan government stop "selling dollars at unreal prices."  


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US sanctions

FM: US sanctions are an incentive to unlawful groups

US SANCTIONS Ramírez said US sanctions would cause "no harm" to the gov't.

Maduro rejects sanctions against Venezuelan officials

US SANCTIONS Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro rebutted on his Twitter account US President Barack Obama's decision to sign into law a bill imposing sanctions on Venezuelan officials for human right abuses. Maduro remarked that Obama has made "a false move" against Venezuela.

Obama okays sanctions against Venezuelan government officers

US SANCTIONS US President Barack Obama enacted on Thursday a law aimed at imposing sanctions on Venezuelan government officers accused of violating human rights, the White House reported.


"Our DNA has found its way into classical music"

CLASSICAL MUSIC Renowned for his twofold charisma, along with the talent and passion he exudes every time he wields his baton, he has become the archetype of modern-day Venezuelans.  One is his capacity to connect with musicians and guide them with an ebullient gesture filled with impetuous energy. The other is how he mesmerizes audiences, who lose themselves in his forceful delivery and forget the other 50 musicians interpreting two movements of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, aptly known as "Fate Knocking at the Door," and focus on the conductor. This may have even happened at times during the concert of the Simón Bolívar Orchestra held at the premises (Patio Negro) of El Universal. Afterwards, the Maestro embraced the opportunity to speak about his passion: music.


Cuba-US dialogue kicks off right after Chávez's death

ANALYSIS Chávez passed away on March 5, 2013. Three months later, Raúl Castro embarked on covered talks with the US.

Venezuela applauds new course of US-Cuba relations

US-CUBA Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro told on Wednesday to his Cuban counterpart, Raúl Castro, that Venezuelans were very happy with the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States after 53 years, according to a communiqué released by the Venezuelan Foreign Office.

Experts: Caracas should analyze changes in Havana

DIPLOMACY As the United States and Cuba resume their diplomatic relation, the Venezuelan government one of the main partners and allies of the Caribbean country is forced to conduct damage control and to refocus its relation with the US, according to analysts.



Simón Bolívar Orchestra rocks El Universal newspaper


Recent rains caused damages in Catia, west Caracas


Inefficient public transport in Caracas

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