One crisis, two visions

According to the National Confederation of Agricultural Producer Associations (Fedeagro), the food industry can only supply between 30% and 40% of domestic consumption under the current conditions (Nicola Rocco)

DOSSIER.  A group of some 60 Venezuelan economists from across the country and from different generations and backgrounds, has met regularly in the past couple of years and now has brought forth a document explaining the reasons of the current emergency and outlining specific proposals on how to address the serious economic crisis the country has plunged into over the last three years.  


Venezuela levers diamond mining as productive engine

Nelson Merentes, the president of the Central Bank of Venezuela, said that joint ventures will be responsible for mining (File photo)

ECONOMIC MEASURES.  On February 11 and 12 a representation of Saudi Arabia will be in Venezuela to visit the geographical areas with potential reserves of diamonds and certify the official mechanisms for development. The news was given by Venezuelan Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), Eulogio Del Pino.  


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Medicines shipped from abroad to Venezuela amidst shortage

HEALTH Earlier this week, the President of the Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation (Fefarven), Freddy Ceballos, informed that shortages of medicines in Venezuela hit 80%. Given this situation, residents of Caracas and other states are ordering medicines from the US through a pharmacy with stores nationwide in Venezuela.

Medicine Academy: "The country is facing a deep health crisis"

HEALTH Members of the National Medicine Academy via a communiqué stated Venezuela "is going through a deep health crisis" due to shortage of medicines and lists of thousands of people waiting for vital surgeries.

Pharmaceutical Federation: Gov't accrues USD 6 billion-debt

HEALTH The President of the Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation, Freddy Ceballos, informed on Monday that the Venezuelan Executive Office accrues a debt amounting to USD 6 billion to the pharmaceutical industry, "plus additional USD 400 million owed to providers of medical supplies."

National Assembly

National Assembly receives draft amnesty law

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY The opposition majority at the National Assembly received the draft amnesty law, which was presented to the Domestic Policy Committee after a debate that went on for two hours and a half. The committee now has to prepare the bill ahead of the first discussion to be held on February 11.

Congress committee on media to amend telecoms law

LEGISLATIVE The Media Committee of the National Assembly of Venezuela approved unanimously on Wednesday a document rejecting the recent moves by the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), whose representatives paid a visit on February 1 to the facilities of private news channel Globovisión requesting information on the routine work activities of the network.

Venezuelan economic authorities fail to appear in Congress

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY The authorities of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), National Center for Foreign Trade (Cencoex), and the Finance Ministry on Wednesday did not appear at the National Assembly (AN).


Venezuelan develops software to identify cancer cells

HEALTH Finding cancer cells in less than one minute is closer thanks to an advanced artificial vision system developed in Ecuador by Venezuelan scientist Oscar Chang.

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