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Parliament to discuss draft amnesty law this week

Ministers will submit their annual reports and accounts on February 16 (Karla Calderón)

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY.  The opposition majority at the National Assembly resumes on Wednesday its legislative agenda, with the first discussion in a plenary meeting of the draft law on amnesty and national reconciliation, the first discussion of the draft law on the food and medicine bonus for retired people and beneficiaries of pensions. These initiatives were promoted by Deputies Delsa Solórzano, the head of the Interior Policy Committee, and Miguel Pizarro, who chairs the Social Development Committee.  


Malls association calls to comply with electric rationing

Interrupting power supply in malls will hit the operation of escalators and air conditioning (File photo)

POWER CRISIS.  In a communiqué, the Venezuelan Chamber of Malls (Cavececo) informed that on February 5, the association had requested the Ministry of Electric Energy to provide power supply to malls from noon thru 7 pm, which is a more convenient schedule for all the different types of business  operating inside malls, including banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, and restaurants.  

11:50 AM


Rosneft and Pdvsa ponder reducing investments

The International Energy Agency said it was "skeptical" about the possibility that low oil prices might boost demand (File photo)
The International Energy Agency (IEA) warned in its February oil market report that "persistent speculation about a deal between OPEC and leading non-OPEC producers to cut output appears to be just that: speculation"


Mexican FM meets with López's relatives, calls to respect election results

Tintori and Mendoza discussed Venezuela's situation with FM Claudia (...)
Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Mexico's Minister of Foreign Affairs, voiced her concern over the economic situation in Venezuela



Production law provides for incentives

Deputy Guerra advocates consensus to boost local production

The law on national production is also intended to simplify (...)
"The law will provide for a set of incentives for producers in fiscal and tax matters," explained José Guerra, Deputy for opposition coalition Unified Democratic Panel (MUD)


Oil prices decline after Venezuela-Saudi Arabia meeting

The International Energy Agency and the OPEC will present their (...)
The market is expecting a hearing of the President of the US Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, before legislators on Wednesday, and also data on oil inventories to be disclosed by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA)


Two soldiers, a civilian arrested over robbery of arsenal in Aragua state

The police explained that the civilian masterminded the robbery and managed to persuade the two military officers to let the criminals in the post from where 21 rifles, two pistols and 77 rifle chargers with 2,400 bullets were taken


Tax rate on large transactions set at 0.75% in Venezuela

The tax is expected to increase liquidity (Handout photo)
The law was enacted via enabling law on December 30, 2015


Date for oil summit is still unclear

Saudi Minister of Petroleum, Ali al-Naimi (right), and his Venezuelan (...)
Venezuelan and Saudi Arabia's oil ministers discussed their points of view on the oil market
03:10 PM


Agricultural exports from the US to Venezuela halted for two months

The Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Department of Agriculture reported zero agricultural exports to Venezuela on January 22-28 this year (File photo)
The US Department of Agriculture revealed that agricultural exports from the US to Venezuela have been halted for two months.
03:00 PM


Polar's CEO: Make state-run companies available to the private sector

Lorenzo Mendoza feels that state-run companies are not profitable due (...)
"It is the other way around, Mr. President. State-run (manufacturing) plants are those which are not producing. Make them available to the private sector."
12:35 PM


Venezuela negotiates gold swap with German bank

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) is negotiating with German investment bank Deutsche Bank swap operations of monetary gold to lift liquidity in the country on time to comply with heavy international commitments, two sources familiar with the operation told Reuters.
11:56 AM


National Assembly to discuss amendment of Central Bank law

Deputy Carlos Prosperi called for the establishment of a technical (...)
On Thursday's parliament meeting, the deputies decided to hold a debate in the following congress meeting about the provisions found in a draft bill to amend the Law of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).
10:54 AM


Parliament to discuss draft amnesty law this week

Ministers will submit their annual reports and accounts on February 16 (Karla Calderón)
Several parliament committees are waiting for some government officials to appear in Congress after they failed to attend in the past few weeks

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One crisis, two visions

A group of some 60 Venezuelan economists from across the country and from different generations and backgrounds, has met regularly in the past couple of years and now has brought forth a document explaining the reasons of the current emergency and outlining specific proposals on how to address the serious economic crisis the country has plunged into over the last three years.


Medicines shipped from abroad to Venezuela amidst shortage

HEALTH Earlier this week, the President of the Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation (Fefarven), Freddy Ceballos, informed that shortages of medicines in Venezuela hit 80%. Given this situation, residents of Caracas and other states are ordering medicines from the US through a pharmacy with stores nationwide in Venezuela.

Thirteen countries of the Americas agree on anti-Zika virus measures

HEALTH The health ministers signed a declaration comprising 16 items (Matilde Campodónico / AP-Reuters)

Maduro announces plan to stop Zika virus from spreading in Latin America

HEALTH Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced the activation on Wednesday of a plan to stop the spread of Zika virus in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Venezuela levers diamond mining as productive engine

ECONOMIC MEASURES On February 11 and 12 a representation of Saudi Arabia will be in Venezuela to visit the geographical areas with potential reserves of diamonds and certify the official mechanisms for development. The news was given by Venezuelan Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), Eulogio Del Pino.


A total of 115 endangered bird species in Venezuela

FAUNA According to the fourth edition of the Red List of the Venezuelan Fauna, a total of 115 birds are in danger of extinction in the country as a consequence of the destruction of their habitats to carry out activities such as farming, livestock and aquaculture.



Natural landscapes and tasty food in Margarita Island


La Candelaria: A village turned into a frenetic parish downtown Caracas


Worshippers take part in the Nazarene of St. Paul's procession

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