In search for the arepa

Between 2007 and 2010, the Venezuelan government seized control of 40% of the installed capacity of the national production of pre-cooked white corn flour (N. Rocco)

DOSSIER.  The price of a package of precooked corn flour used to make corn cakes called arepas, a staple food in Venezuela, has been regulated at VEB 19, but production cost exceeds VEB 26. At present both state-run and private plants face the same difficulty of having to produce at a loss. But that's just one of the many obstacles facing those involved in putting the arepa on the Venezuelans plate.  



Timely measures are recommended

Exchange control does not work

José Rodríguez: Timely measures will boost the domestic economy (Vicente Correale)

MEETING POINT.  "A program of economic adjustment and total removal of controls are necessary."  


Immigration leaves voids in Caracas neighborhoods

"For sale" signs have reappeared in several residential areas east and west Caracas (V. Alcázares

SOCIETY.  Santiago José Da Silva has few belongings attaching him to Venezuela. Regretfully, the already made his choice: he is moving to Europe next August. His two children have already sold their properties in Baruta, east Caracas, and he is making arrangements to sell his apartment in Los Naranjos, El Hatillo municipality.  


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Ledezma Case

Ledezma discharged from hospital and taken home

LEDEZMA CASE Following surgery to repair a "recurrent inguinal hernia," late on Thursday Caracas Metropolitan Mayor Antonio Ledezma was taken home, where he will stay under house arrest while recovering.

Club de Madrid asks Venezuela to release dissenters, supports González

HUMAN RIGHTS Twenty-six former presidents, members of world leadership alliance Club de Madrid, advocated the release of Venezuelan dissenters and supported former Spanish president Felipe González's offer to work with the defense counsels of detained dissenters.

Mayor Antonio Ledezma hospitalized after successful operation

LEDEZMA CASE The mayor of Caracas Metropolitan Area, Antonio Ledezma, arrested on February 19 for allegedly plotting against President Nicolás Maduro, on Sunday underwent a successful surgery of "recurrent inguinal hernia."


Venezuelans are both obese and malnourished

HEALTH It is the worst-case scenario: a high percentage of Venezuelans are both obese and undernourished.



Confinanzas Tower in Caracas to be used as emergency response center


Some expressways in Caracas lack street lighting


Four zones of Caracas Metropolitan area at risk before rainy season