Venezuelan metallurgic industries stay alert

In the past few months, steel frames, beams, steel plates and even rebars have arrived in Venezuelan ports (AVN)

BASIC INDUSTRIES.  According to inner surveys performed by the Venezuelan Association of Metallurgical and Mining Industries (AIMM), where 160 metallurgic companies were taken into consideration, 90% of the companies members of this association are "distressed because of their existence or survival in the short term," stated Manuel Eseverri, president of this association. He also indicated that the diagnosis of this sector, which is vital for the country's development, "is critical."  



Interview with Miguel Pérez Abad

"Foreign exchange unification should pass a transition phase"

“We as businessmen are willing to switch to Simadi foreign exchange rate, which is more reasonable” (Oswer Díaz)

ECONOMY.  The national foreign exchange system has a hole and it has already shot ahead," stated Miguel Pérez Abad, president of the Venezuelan Federation of Industries (Fedeindustria) and presidential commissioner for Economic Development. He also remarked that the exchange unification could be the solution to this issue. However, it must previously pass a long-term transition stage, including a dual exchange rate in the first phase, and then stabilize the exchange rate.  


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Running for Congress

Unasur mission in Venezuela makes an appeal to stop violence

ELECTION 2015 Coordinator of the Unasur electoral mission for the upcoming parliament vote in Venezuela on December 6, José Luis Exeni, urged "all (local) parties" not to use violence.

Chilean gov't regrets murder of Venezuelan opposition leader

ELECTION 2015 Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs Heraldo Muñoz condemned on Thursday the murder of Luis Manuel Díaz, leader of Venezuelan opposition Acción Democrática (AD) party. He reposed hope that the parliament vote next December 6 will be held in a "peaceful atmosphere."

Venezuelan dissent condemns murder of opposition leader

ELECTION 2015 The opposition coalition reported and condemned the murder late on Wednesday of Luis Manuel Díaz, who was leader of anti-government party "Acción Democrática" (Democratic Action-AD) in central Guárico state.

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