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Guyana's President David Granger paid a first visit to the ExxonMobil oil drilling ship (Handout photo)

DOSSIER. The ExxonMobil people are excited. And rightly so - in their first drilling they made a significant oil discovery on a well called the Stabroek Block, "located 120 miles offshore Guyana." The well was spud on March 5, and on May 20 they announced that there is oil down there, and that the data will be analyzed in the coming months to better determine the full resource potential.  


Deportation of Venezuelans from the United States plummets

The White House has not received a recommendation of temporary protection for Venezuelans (AP)

MIGRATION.  Deportation of Venezuelans from the United States dived to its lowest level in the past seven years, accounting for 153 expulsions at the end of 2014. In any case, this has not discouraged some US politicians from bringing forward initiatives to prevent deportation of Venezuelans.  


Father Ugalde: "Venezuela needs social bridges"

"I will die in Venezuela with my boots on" (Andrés Correa)

INTERVIEW.  "I'm not going to speak about the current state of affairs in Venezuela because you are keenly aware of it," warned Father Luis Ugalde s.j. right from the start the evening of Thursday, May 28 in a meeting held with Latin American businesspersons, most of them from Venezuela, as part of the strategy "Friends of Fe y Alegría," intended to encourage Hispanic immigrants to invest in the project of "public education with transparency and efficiency."  


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Human Rights

Ex-presidents Pastrana and Quiroga unable to visit Ceballos

HUMAN RIGHTS Former presidents of Colombia, Andrés Pastrana, and Bolivia, Jorge Quiroga could not visit on Friday Venezuelan dissenter Daniel Ceballos, because the director of the prison where he is detained was removed.

Former presidents Pastrana and Quiroga are to visit López in jail

HUMAN RIGHTS The former presidents of Colombia Andrés Pastrana, and Bolivia, Jorge Quiroga, announced that on Friday they would visit the General Penitentiary of San Juan de los Morros, Guárico state, "to ascertain the physical and health status," of the former mayor of the San Cristóbal Municipality Daniel Ceballos, and later they would visit the Ramo Verde military prison, in Los Teques, Miranda state, where dissenter Leopoldo López is being held.

Dissenters Ceballos and López's protest plans aired on alleged recording

OPPOSITION On Monday evening, Miguel Pérez Pirela, host of a TV show called "Cayendo y Corriendo" (Falling and Running), broadcasted on state-run TV channel Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), aired an audio recording of an alleged conversation between detained dissenters Leopoldo López, head of the Voluntad Popular Party (VP), and former mayor of San Cristóbal municipality, Daniel Ceballos, where they plan anti-government street demonstrations.


IADB has okayed USD 7 billion for Venezuela

FINANCE The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) has sponsored 347 development projects intended to improve Venezuelans' lives from 1861 to date, the multilateral body reported. The current credit portfolio for all Latin America rose in 2014 to USD 1 billion and the approvals stood at USD 426 million for the whole region.



Total evacuation of the Tower of David


La Gran Sabana is one of the major natural attractions in Venezuela


Confinanzas Tower in Caracas to be used as emergency response center

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