USD 9 billion in claims

Conoco-Phillips sued Venezuela for USD 31 billion over the takeover of its oil projects in the Orinoco Belt (Handout photo)

DOSSIER.  Following a wave of nationalizations carried out by the late President Hugo Chavez between 2007 and 2012, Venezuela has become the second most frequent respondent to investment treaty arbitration in the world (38 cases in total), after Argentina. The amount claimed is put at USD 6.5 billion, but experts estimate that the amount for arbitration sentences would range from USD 1 to about 20 billion.  



Investment in securities grew 24.36% in 12 months

Credit activity in Venezuelan banks up 89.01%

Bank profits rose 71.77% (Miguel Gutiérrez)

BANKS.  The net yield (profit) of the Venezuelan financial system recorded a 71.77% surge in the first four months of 2015 over the same term last year.  


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Shortage, migration disturb kids in Venezuela

CHILD PSYCHOLOGY Some years ago, separation of parents, games or change of school could be a matter of concern for children. Nowadays, migration and shortage add to this.

In Caracas, quality of life deteriorates

SOCIETY For 78% of Caracas residents, quality of life is downhill. In terms of services, they point to a backlash in security, health and transportation compared with five years ago. The findings are included in the latest report produced by NGO Por la Caracas Posible (For a Possible Caracas). The case study assesses the management of five jurisdictions that comprise the Metropolitan Area plus the Major Mayoralty.

Venezuelan young people choose "parallel economy" over higher education

EDUCATION Venezuelan public high education institutions have recorded a decline in the number of students enrolled in undergraduate programs. Experts in the areas of social, political, community, and education studies, assessed the external factors that could have led to this social phenomenon, in order to understand the situation facing all Venezuelan universities.

106th Anniversary Edition

Food: a community's storyteller

INTRODUCTION When Ludwig Feuerbach wrote the phrase "Man is what he eats" (Der Mensch ist was er isst), he was far from anticipating the significance of his statement.

At the table in Margarita Island

REGIONS Undoubtedly, the seasoning per excellence of the Island's cuisine is the ají (chili) from Margarita

Venezuelan cocoa, the best in the world

PRODUCTS The American origin of the cocoa plant dates back to the times of the Spanish Conquest

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