Sambil mall expropriated owners still hopeful

Protests around the mall demanding increased security are frequent (Georgina S.)

DOSSIER.  Cristian Fonseca, a businessman in La Candelaria district downtown Caracas, was doing the accounts in his small shop office on Sunday December 21, 2008. The Christmas shopping season kept him working late hours into the night. It was around 11 p.m. and his phone rang. A friend broke the bad news to him over the telephone.  



Pedro Pablo Fernández

"I'm worried at seeing the opposition blending in Chávezism"

"The point is not looking for a Messiah, but striking a message able to gain strength"

INTERVIEW.  Pedro Pablo Fernández faces the tough task of the children of his kind: breaking with the label according to which he is identified as "Eduardo Fernández's son."  


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Foreign Policy

Venezuela has spent USD 250 million to lobby in the US

GOVERNMENT Under the government of deceased President Hugo Chávez, Venezuela used three legal mechanisms available in the United States to lobby and influence on decision making. For such purpose, the nation paid USD 20,722,646.


"Fingerprint-reading machines will not make staples appear"

CONSUMPTION The biometric system to buy food has raised more doubts that certainties in Venezuela. Over the next 90 days, the government and the private sector have to set this system to manage consumption. Luis Rodríguez, Executive President of the Venezuelan Association of Supermarkets (ANSA) is skeptical about the results.

Supermarkets unsure about fingerprinting system's optional nature

CONSUMPTION Supermarkets in Venezuela have stated they do not reject the implementation of a biometric system for customers to buy staples, yet admitted to have doubts regarding the optional nature of the use of the fingerprinting machines.

Venezuelan gov't toughens electronic controls on consumers

TRADE The biometric system that will be implemented in supermarkets and pharmacy chains on November 30 in Venezuela had been rejected by the government a year ago, when a similar mechanism was implemented in Zulia state, northwest.

Crisis in healthcare sector

Pharmaceutical Federation asks for emergency policies

HEALTH The Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation (FFV) asked the government to establish an "emergency policy" to tackle shortages of medicines which, in their view, stem from poor supply of foreign currency to the pharmaceutical sector.

Health Ministry and doctors discuss the sector' issues

HEALTH Resident surgeons working in Caracas' public hospital's network met with Vice-Minister of Hospitals Juana Contreras to discuss several issues, such as insecurity, infrastructure, supplies, and human resources, in order to optimize the operation of healthcare facilities.

Venezuelan gov't owes USD 783 million to 236 private hospitals

HEALTH On March 2, 2012, at the Office of the Venezuelan Vice-President, the Executive Office signed an agreement on standard prices with representatives of 10 private hospitals based in Caracas.

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