The cost of a dwelling

Private housing construction records 18 consecutive falling quarters, according to figures from the Venezuelan Real Estate Chamber (Venancio Alcázares)

DOSSIER.  For most middle class families in Venezuela, owning a home has gone from a tangible life plan to an almost impossible dream. The average price per square meter in the Metropolitan Area of Caracas went from VEB 252,851 in January this year to VEB 603,368 in June, which is equivalent to an increase greater than 100%.  


What is fracking?

The United States is the country where hydraulic fracking has expanded the most (El Universal)

HYDROCARBONS.  Using fracking methods to extract oil and gas is nothing new, but technological advances over the past decade have boosted this practice and flooded the crude oil market as prices crumble. This, along with a weakening Chinese economy and a stronger dollar, has turned producing countries without an effective and diversified economy, amongst which Venezuela stands out, on their heads.  


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Caracas: A city to enjoy in 48 hours

CITY Caracas, which used to be called "the city of the red roofs," is now a mixture of large buildings, skyscrapers, ecologic and cultural spaces that both locals and visitors car tour in two days.


Rulemaking for democratic change

OPINION We are in the middle of collapse and anarchy created by hyper-centralization; the society is being Africanized.  A systemic crisis dissolves everyday the civilized foundations, as it always happened in similar cases, with the return of violence and disasters. Revolutions end in tragedy –the suicide of Getulio Vargas in Brazil, the overthrow of Juan Domingo Perón in Argentina, "putrefaction" of Juan Velasco Alvarado in Peru to ruin the people with hyper-inflation, unemployment, hyper-devaluation, dictatorship. Some meant to give Chavezism the merit of "attracting the attention to the poor." However, the victims were precisely the poor. It is not a forecast like those obvious things to say, such as "I said that the bolivar would be devalued," or "I announced that there would be shortage of food." Even street dogs barked such things.



Fire in nursing home in Chacao, east Caracas


Colombia-Venezuela border shutdown: the first hours


Obsolete cars in Caracas

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