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ELUNIVERSAL.COM is an electronic publication that offers a variety of services to its users and subscribers. Such services, rendered through this web site, are subject to the terms and conditions provided herein. By accessing this web site, the user declares to understand, accept and agree upon these terms and conditions; otherwise, the user should abandon the site. The user must check the terms and conditions periodically to learn about possible modifications. The user acknowledges that he or she accesses ELUNIVERSAL.COM's website voluntarily. Apart from being responsible for the legal effects of the mere access to the site, the user accepts the content of other notices mentioned and accepts the validity of any test or technological process used by ELUNIVERSAL.COM to check the user's entrance to or exiting from the web site.


1) Terms and limitations of use

The user may not copy, modify, distribute or transmit any piece of information found in this web site without the explicit consent of ELUNIVERSAL.COM. All requests of information must be sent to the site's webmaster.

Neither ELUNIVERSAL.COM nor any of its directors, employees and advisors can guarantee an uninterrupted or flawless service, and do not guarantee the accuracy, dependability or content of the information presented in this website. ELUNIVERSAL.COM shall make efforts to render a quality service, but neither the website nor its directors, employees and advisors shall be held liable for any damage caused by the delay or interruption in the service transmission. ELUNIVERSAL.COM is a website in the Internet, and it may be reached through a link from any point of the web, without the knowledge or consent of ELUNIVERSAL.COM. The user hereby acknowledges and accepts it and, in virtue of the aforementioned, exonerates ELUNIVERSAL.COM, its directors, employees and/or advisors of liability for any damage caused to the user by this website.


2) Browser compatibility

The user acknowledges and accepts that this website has been designed to work in a better way with some browsers than with others, and thus declares not to have any claim on the matter, exonerating ELUNIVERSAL.COM from any responsibility for the performance of his or her browser when visiting this website.


3) Links

In-out links (from ELUNIVERSAL.COM into the Internet):

This website contains or may contain links to other websites operated by individuals or organizations other than ELUNIVERSAL.COM. Such links have been provided only for the user's comfort. ELUNIVERSAL.COM has not researched or been informed of the content, origin or operation of the pages to which these links lead or those linked to them. Therefore, it remains free from any liability for the content and procedures used by those pages and the use that third parties might make of them, even though they have accessed to those pages through ELUNIVERSAL.COM. The user accesses such websites at his or her own risk.

The publishing, downloading or linking of all material that ELUNIVERSAL.COM dims vulgar, obscene, illegal or offensive are categorically prohibited within this site. The use of this web site's internal links with purposes other than those established by ELUNIVERSAL.COM and damaging the same or third parties are as well prohibited, under the penalty of being removed from the system and facing all legal actions established in the Electronic Criminal Law and any other law applicable.


Out-in links (From the Internet into ELUNIVERSAL.COM):

Third parties wanting to create and establish a link that leads from their pages to ELUNIVERSAL.COM need to be authorized by ELUNIVERSAL.COM, understanding that ELUNIVERSAL.COM shall not in any case take responsibility for the damages caused to the users who in all good faith access the website from those pages, even if they have been authorized. As a consequence, the user exonerates ELUNIVERSAL.COM from any liability on this respect, as he or she declares to have accessed this website on his or her own risk.


4) Ad contracts

Everything related to the ad banners contracts shall be ruled by the conditions established in the contract agreed upon under the general conditions of use, policies and legal terms included in this site.


5) Web page and URL indexation

The user accepts the regulations set up in this website's conditions for the event that a web page or URL could be attached to the system or search engine that ELUNIVERSAL.COM is operating. All requests on this matter shall be subject to the rules established under these conditions. ELUNIVERSAL.COM reserves the right to index the search engines under its administration, any web page and URL in its possession, and may index all the pages added under the criteria of its choosing. ELUNIVERSAL.COM offers no guarantee on the results or the position occupied by the listed web sites, which have been provided by the users for indexation, following the keywords entered in the search engine or equivalent mechanism.


6) Use of web services or "communities"

The user agrees that if ELUNIVERSAL.COM offers services such as bulletin board system, chat sessions, e-mail messages, newsgroups, auctions, classified ads, forums or any other services of the kind (commonly called "communities"), it shall only use such services to send and receive appropriate materials related to the services. ELUNIVERSAL.COM is committed to, but not restricted to, the following:


a)  No user shall slander, abuse or harass other users or threat or violate their civil or human rights;

b)  No user shall publish, place, upload to this site, distribute or disseminate any material that ELUNIVERSAL.COM dims profane, indecent, pornographic or of a similar nature;

c)  No user shall upload to this page any software or material protected by the copyright laws, unless the holder of these rights has authorized it;

d)  No user shall upload on this page files with viruses, compressed files or any other program or encoded games that could affect the programming and operation of this website;

e)  No user shall offer or sell any good or service beyond the limits established for advertisements;

f)  No user shall make surveys, implement contests, play pyramid games, send letter chains or any similar procedure through this website;

g)  No user shall download or distribute any material posted in any of the group pages beyond the limitations established by these terms and conditions;

h)  No user shall fake or delete the names of the authors or any other mention of the sources of any material contained in the files that the user might download from this website;

i)  No user shall restrict or prevent the access of other users to the communities, disturb or limit the use of the communities by the users.


ELUNIVERSAL.COM reserves the right to disconnect or remove any user from one or all the communities at any moment and for any reason, without the obligation to indemnify the user, who acknowledges and accepts that he or she participates in these communities on his or her own risk. ELUNIVERSAL.COM is not obliged to supervise the communities, and reserves the right to release any information in its possession when requested by the authorities. It shall freely edit and/or place any information in the communities as it chooses to.

The user of this website acknowledges that the communities are public environments and, as a consequence, any information disclosed therein may be read by other users. It is then recommended that the user takes measures to guarantee the confidentiality of some information provided. ELUNIVERSAL.COM also certifies that it does not promote or control the content and images of any information in the communities. The forum administrators, moderators and community hosts are not representatives of ELUNIVERSAL.COM. The user acknowledges that the information, programs and products presented in the communities may lack accuracy and have typographic errors, and this information is under constant reviewing. ELUNIVERSAL.COM is not subject to any liability for the damages caused by decisions based on the information contained in these pages or in the links because the user is obliged to evaluate the accuracy and use of the information available.


The user of the communities may download and print part or the whole of the material of any type found in the communities, but only for personal use, not for commercial purposes. The user is hereby informed that by accessing ELUNIVERSAL.COM, he or she gives ELUNIVERSAL.COM an indefinite, free-of-cost license, valid both in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and in the rest of the world, which includes the right to license, publish, reproduce, distribute, transmit, and create derivative products on the information provided, display and publish any type of information, material or idea given by the user to the community by whatever means. ELUNIVERSAL.COM is hereby authorized to use the name of the contributing user, as well as any other type of information related to publicity, marketing and promotion of the material provided by the user, who hereby accepts that he or she shall be entitled to no payment for this reason, and quits his or her copyright whenever ELUNIVERSAL.COM uses this information.


7) Service cancellation

ELUNIVERSAL.COM may at any time and without any notice cancel the services provided through this website, remove the user from its database and impede him or her from accessing the site whenever it dims that the integrity and security of its systems, users or third parties are at risk.


8) Minors' access

In the event that persons under the legal age access the services of ELUNIVERSAL.COM, the company shall presume that they have done so with the due consent of their legal tutors. If ELUNIVERSAL.COM is to develop sections for specific use of the public under the legal age, it shall implement a procedure to request the consent of their parents or legal tutors, under the current legislation protecting minors.


9) Modification to the general conditions of use, policies and legal terms

ELUNIVERSAL.COM reserves the right to modify the general conditions of use, policies and legal terms whenever it dims necessary. The user is obliged to review the content of these general conditions of use, policies and legal terms, as they may be changed without notice. The user understands and accepts all and each of the clauses in this document. The user has the responsibility to review the aforementioned terms.


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