CARACAS, Monday March 03, 2014 | Update

Airliners excluded from Venezuelan government roundtables

Claims of ignoring airlines efforts at operation

“Purporting to pay requests of 2013 at the exchange rate of Sicad 2 is tantamount to seizure,” ALAV alerts (File photo: Jorge Santos)
Monday March 03, 2014  08:35 AM
Airliners "were not invited" to take part in roundtables for the economic area convened by the Venezuelan government within the framework of the National Peace Conference, despite being the sector which "individually keeps the largest due and payable amount, that is USD 3.5 billion," complained the CEO of the Venezuelan Airlines Association (ALAV), Humberto Figuera.

"Endeavors of international and national airlines at continuing operating is not appreciated," he said.

The senior officer denied having received any advanced payment by the exchange administrator, as unofficially stated. "Last week, they exceptionally resolved the requests of (Spanish airliner) Iberia; I think they were those of January 2013, and for Alitalia, May 2013. However, we don't have any signal of an attempt at going back to regular settlement. It is rather the result of diplomatic steps. Sure enough, I want to be wrong."

Watch out agreements
Figuera maintained that for the sale of tickets in 2014, airlines will resort to Sicad 1 (Ancillary Foreign Currency Administration System) through the regular auctions of the National Center for Foreign Trade (Cencoex).

Nevertheless, he commented that, based on press reports, "the debt owed to airliners, USD 3.5 billion, would be settled at Sicad 2 exchange rate, which, incidentally, it is to be determined."

"Purporting to pay requests of 2013 at the exchange rate of Sicad 2, whatever its amount, would mean true seizure," he warned.

Translated by Conchita Delgado Rivas