CARACAS, Wednesday August 07, 2013 | Update

Venezuela delves into likely fraud against Bandes in the US

The bank's head asked the Attorney General's Office to conduct an investigation

Wednesday August 07, 2013  12:01 PM
The president of the Economic and Social Development Bank of Venezuela (Bandes), Temir Porras, has informed that the Attorney General's Office has been requested to conduct an investigation into an alleged fraud in the United States against the bank.

The case involves Bandes' former manager María de los Ángeles González and a US brokerage firm. Porras pointed out an investigation must be conducted as "we may have been victims of embezzlement."

Porras added that the investigation was requested at home although the complaint was filed abroad.
And they found the jail

At least 30 years had passed since his last visit to Caracas. He had little time to become an expert on moving about in such a complicated metropolis. Whether it was hopping on the subway, finding directions, playing waiting games at public agencies, eating whatever he could and sleeping wherever he could, Guerrero senior had been wandering the streets for 60 days, and thanks to "the boys" he found some sort of relief by way of helping hands.

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