CARACAS, Tuesday November 20, 2012 | Update
HYDROCARBONS | Claims of halted unit

Gas leak is reported in flexicoker unit at Amuay Refinery

Workers reported no injuries in the occurrence on Tuesday

Tuesday November 20, 2012  02:58 PM
Workers at Amuay refinery, in Falcón state, northeast Venezuela, reported on a gas leak from the flexicoker unit. There were no injuries. However, the unit that processes 62,000 barrels of oil per day came to a standstill.

The failure took place in a gasification transfer line in the direction of  the flexicoker reactor. It was noted that the load would be transferred to the delayed coking unit, from 15,000 to 42,000 barrels per day.

Workers indicated that the repair of the affected line in the flexicoker unit is "complicated."

With reporting by Ernesto J. Tovar
This is all there is

A simple reason: there is oil galore, would suffice to explain Guyana's actions. Another explanation lies in the little or none efforts made by the Venezuelan government to thwart the move by the Guyanese. This is certainly not a new problem, but a problem only recently highlighted because oil is involved. But what other resources does the disputed area hold? For most of us it is a section on the map with black and white stripes on it, a depiction of something distant, alien, a nothingness not worth paying much attention to in geography classes back in elementary school.

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