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Chávez's Health
President Chávez is determined to be in office until 2031

In an interview with pro-government daily newspaper Correo del Orinoco, the Head of State said that his disease has by no means made him think about stepping down

According to President Chávez, all news about his health condition is in line with reality (File photo)
Monday July 25, 2011  10:13 AM

Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez is determined to be in office until 2031 and claims that his disease has never made him think about giving up. His remarks were made during an interview released on Monday by pro-government daily newspaper Correo del Orinoco.

"I am determined to arrive at 2031," Chávez said in mentioning the project undertaken by him in 1999 and intended to turn three terms "with a golden decade," as he called the years between 2020 and 2030.

Personally, Chávez said that he has thought "not even for a moment" of stepping down.

"Should there were reasons, I would do it; particularly if there were in the physical or mental aspects, I would be the first one, in a responsible manner," he added.

"I have medical, scientific, human, loving and political reasons to remain in front of the government and the candidacy, stronger than ever," he said as he is running for reelection in a date yet to be set in 2012.

Chávez suddenly returned last Saturday from Cuba, where he spent a week under chemotherapy against a cancer reported last June 20, Efe quoted.

In landing on Maiquetía airport, he said that physicians had not found any malignant cells in his body. However, he warned against the risk of recidivism.

In his opinion, all news about his disease "is in line with reality." He refuted the comments of Roger Noriega, former US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs. Last week, the senior US officer said that Chávez's cancer was in an advance stage and he had 50% of life expectancy for more than 18 months.

According to Correo del Orinoco, Chávez reserves some details about his cancer, because they "form part of his personal experience."

The Venezuelan president promised to continue his treatment and reported that he should observe "a stricter regime" concerning nutrition and clinical checkups, ahead of "new cycles of chemotherapy."

"The lash of disease has sparked off more willingness to live, fight and win," he reasoned.

Non-stop extraction of mineral riches

Oil and gas; gold and diamonds; coltan, coal, iron, bauxite, copper: the Venezuelan economy is extractive, as it relies on taking mineral substances from the earth for sale or trade.

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