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Opinion | Excerpts of column "Runrunes" (Rumors) released on Tuesday, June 28
Column "Runrunes" (Rumors) of June 28

Both Fidel Castro and his treating doctors in Cuba would rather Chávez to postpone his comeback for some additional days

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez displayed the edition of June 28 of Cuban daily newspaper Granma (TV screen capture)
Thursday June 30, 2011  04:16 PM


My input.
The operated president is getting well little by little. He will come back on Friday, July 1. He plans to preside over the bicentennial celebration. As a follow-up of the information supplied by me, both posted on and released in this daily newspaper last Sunday in the face of the informational blackout of those who would lash out at a similar tactics in April 2002, I would like to share with you other substantial data. Last Sunday (June 26), he was removed the central venous catheter for food intake. For the time being he (Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez) is allowed to consume fluids only. That day and yesterday (Monday, June 27), he would walk around the gardens of Cimeq (Center for Medical and Surgical Research), still with an intravesical catheter and some burdensome intestinal drainage. He has lost more than ten kilograms, as usual in these cases. Frozen samples for biopsies forwarded to Boston gave positive. This made him quite depressed. First reaction to our reports was trying to deny them. They realized that should any doctor refer to the case, the reports would be corroborated or the door would be open for further speculation around the world. Prostate cancer would not need chemotherapy. It can be controlled by the radiotherapy that has been applied so far. Expectations about other organs would involve chemotherapy. CIS-Platinum would be the most updated therapy. And it could also arrest the carcinoma progression. His survival level would be at 80%. He is interested in returning soon to Caracas so that his Venezuelan doctors can manage his treatment and recovery. It is a very vertical structure at Cimeq and Venezuelans have been unable to be present all the time. The information supplied about minor cancer of the frontal sinus was confirmed at the Cuban hospital. "It must be the first sign of what was going on," the source told me.

Both Fidel Castro and his treating doctors in Cuba would rather him to postpone his comeback for some additional days -he postponed it one day only- so that he can be in better condition. However, the president with stamina would like to miss neither the bicentennial celebration nor the opening meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. Depending on how he feels, his trip to Margarita Island will be decided*.

*At the time this article was written, the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States had not been adjourned. 

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