CARACAS, Monday September 27, 2010 | Update
Election 2010 | The opposition group praised high turnout
Venezuelan opposition alliance claims it won 52 percent of popular vote

Members of the dissenting panel said that they are leading the polls for the seats whose results have not been announced

Opposition leader Ramón Guillermo Aveledo criticized the delay in announcing the results (Photo: AFP)
Monday September 27, 2010  12:45 PM

A leader of the Democratic Unified Panel (MUD), an opposition alliance which brings together the political organizations that oppose the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), said the MUD secured 52 percent of the popular vote in Sunday's legislative election.

"It is very important to notice that the National Electoral Council (CNE), that has been so careful to provide the results of the Latin American Parliament, has avoided providing a crucial figure. They know and we know that the Democratic Unified Panel obtained 52 percent of national popular vote in the National Assembly election, said Ramón Guillermo Aveledo, the opposition alliance's spokesman from the headquarters of the MUD.

Their claims were not true

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