CARACAS, Tuesday July 06, 2010 | Update
Monsignor Moronta rebuts President Chávez's remarks

The bishop of the San Cristóbal diocese noted that demeaning Jorge Cardinal Urosa Savino is not right. He referred to the comments made by President Hugo Chávez, who dubbed the Caracas archbishop “unworthy and troglodyte”

Tuesday July 06, 2010  05:15 PM

Monsignor Mario Moronta, the bishop of the San Cristóbal diocese, took issue with President Hugo Chávez, who called Jorge Cardinal Urosa Savino, the Caracas archbishop, "unworthy and troglodyte."

The top representative of the Catholic Church in Andean Táchira state does not think demeaning Cardinal Urosa Savino is a good idea. "The fact that I do not agree with some people does not entitle me to disqualify them."

He voiced solidarity and friendship towards Cardinal Urosa Savino and stressed that no matter their different opinions, the unity has not broken.

Moronta said that he was not looking forward to become a cardinal.

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