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Haiti's Prime Minister thanks Venezuela for support

Western Hemisphere
Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive thanked on Monday the international community for its assistance to the Caribbean country and singled out Cuba and Venezuela, two countries that are not participating in a ministerial conference held in Canada.

At the opening session of the so-called ministerial preparatory conference on Haiti, which is being held on Monday in Montreal to coordinate aid for reconstruction in Haiti, Bellerive highlighted the solidarity and cooperation of several countries, international organizations and regional groups after the earthquake that devastated the Caribbean island on January 12, Efe reported.

Bellerive made a special mention of Dominican Republic, Cuba and Venezuela, which, "came immediately to help our people affected by the quake," Bellerive stressed.

The government of the Dominican Republic participates in the ministerial conference but Cuba and Venezuela, which have strongly criticized the US government in the past two week for its large military presence in Haiti, were not invited to the meeting.

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