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Chávez suspends electricity rationing in Caracas

Some sectors in the capital city were taken unawares (Photo: Carlos García / Reuters)

Around midnight on Wednesday, President Hugo Chávez told state-run TV network Venezolana de Televisión that he ordered the suspension of the electricity rationing that his government was implementing in Caracas.

The ruler argued that the move caused some "troubles" and was "burdensome." Chávez added that, following assessment of some cases in the capital city, he decided to discontinue the electricity rationing.

"I have realized that this move had an undesired impact. Therefore, I would like to tell the people of Caracas that the rationing plan is suspended," said Chávez.

"Rectifying is wise. There was a negative impact and for that reason rationing was discontinued in Caracas only," he added.

He further reported that in view of what happened on the first day of the schedule, he called for the resignation of Minister of Electricity Ángel Rodríguez. "He has accepted as a soldier," said Chávez.

He hoped that the country assumes the commitment of rationing and that electricity supply can be improved in the short term.

He said many malls have taken measures and are saving energy.

Chávez insisted that in the rest of the country electricity shortages have been conducted according to the schedules that had been revised and agreed upon. Therefore, the rationing plan will be implemented on a day-one-day basis in the rest of the country.

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