CARACAS, Thursday August 23, 2007 | Update
Minister Maduro complains about anti-government insane plans
Thursday August 23, 2007  02:36 PM

The canned food with a photo of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez found in Peru and the scandal of the suitcase filled with USD 800,000 and seized in Argentina are part of "the same insane plot" against Venezuela, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicolás Maduro told reporters in Brasilia on Thursday.

Maduro linked both cases and complained about "a global campaign to undermine President Chávez' leadership, characterized by candor and commitment against corruption," Efe quoted.

With regard to an international bench warrant issued by Interpol against Venezuelan businessman Guido Antonini Wilson, the holder of the suitcase, Maduro said that "it forms part of the investigation" and held the Venezuelan government harmless from the affair.
Last August 4th, on the eve of Chávez visit to Buenos Aires, the Argentinean customs seized USD 800,000 in cash that Antonini Wilson tried to bring in without declaring the amount. He landed in a private flight from Caracas. High-ranking officials with Argentinean state energy company Enarsa and senior staff with state-run oil holding Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) were also onboard the plane.

Human Rights

Attorney general: seven officials convicted for 2014 repression

HUMAN RIGHTS Seven public officials have been convicted for repression in the crackdown of anti-government protests in 2014, said Luisa Ortega Díaz.

Venezuelan authorities deny human rights violations at the UN

HUMAN RIGHTS The Venezuelan State denied on Monday at the United Nations that human rights violations were committed or tolerated in Venezuela. "We are not allowed, because of our internal legal system, to sacrifice any rights or liberties for the sake of security," asserted Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz during the first assessment hearing on Civil and Political Rights Venezuela faces at the UN Human Rights Committee.

Two Venezuelan dissenting students detained in 2014 released

HUMAN RIGHTS On Tuesday evening, Venezuelan dissenting students Gerardo Resplandor and Douglas Morillo were released from custody, opposition leaders and members of non-governmental organization Foro Penal (Criminal Forum) informed via Twitter.

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