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Caracas, Friday July 20 , 2007  
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Chacón: RCTV Internacional has to meet content law

Venezuelan Minister of Telecommunications and IT Jesse Chacón claimed the Radio and Television Social Responsibility Law (Resorte) does not need to be reformed to make television channels broadcasting on cable TV and "making productions for the Venezuelan society" to abide by its regulations, such as RCTV Internacional, Canal de Noticias and Zulia Urbe TV.
"The truth is a (radio and television) responsibility law is in force since 2004 and we have to enforce it. This law is supposed to govern anyone making productions for the Venezuelan society directly, either on cable television or open signal," Chacón told local Unión Radio station.

He clarified that amending the law to make cable television channels broadcast the Venezuelan anthem and President Hugo Chávez' speeches is merely a proposal made by Minister of Communication and Information William Lara.

Such proposal "needs to be assessed within the legal and technological framework. This debate has not been held yet. All we have is a proposal that needs to be developed by its proponent. Once we sit down and consider the technical aspects, we are going to make a decision."
Regarding the situation of RCTV, which is broadcasting on paid television as of July 16, following President Hugo Chávez' decision not to renew its broadcast license to transmit on open signal, Chacón said: "They (RCTV) are broadcasting on cable television, and the cable company has an obligation to meet the law. In the event that any channel is found to break the law, and considering that the broadcasting company is a subscription system operating in Venezuela, then the relevant notice of non-compliance shall be delivered and the relevant moves shall be made."

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